5 Best NBA Players you should know about

best nba players

The National Basketball Association is a league that consists of 30 teams in total and is quite famous and was established in the year 1994. The primary aim was to assess the competence of different basketball teams. It is an educational institute that offers diploma and postgraduate level degrees. It is the premier basketball league for professional basketball players. The NBA has seen some of the best basketball players.

Allen Iverson

Allen is one of the best NBA players and there might be a lot of debate about that but let us all consider what Dwyane Wade said – AI is the reason he used to wear No. 3 during his career. Allen has given some of the best performances on the court the world has ever seen. If you follow basketball you will know the cultural impact Allen Iverson has on the current and even the future teams of NBA players.

Isiah Thomas

There is no denying the leadership that Isiah has given to his team. He is known for his performances throughout his career. Thomas is known for giving his team the miraculous victory. Team members often said that this man could score whenever he wanted to and bring back his team into the game even after a hard game. Not exaggerating but this man always gets under MJs skin.

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Call it spicing up facts but after the 2021 NBA finals, it is impossible to keep this beast off the list. He received the defensive player of the year just after the 8 matches he played. This man is an all star MVP and held the honor of most improved player in 2017. No matter how offensive the player got, this man knew his game and how to defend in the best possible manner.

Dwyane Wad

It might not be a matter of shock that Dwyane Wade lands on this list. This man is the flash of basketball. Ever since his appearance in the 2003 game, he has made one fact straight that he is an extraordinary player. A 13 time all star player, he has won quite a number of awards. This man will always be remembered as a Miami Heat despite having played for the Bulls and the Cavs.

Michael Jordan

Doesn’t really need explanation. He is the number 1 player, the man who won three matches in a row. He had to leave the game for a while but came back even stronger and won three matches in a row again. He is the GOAT, no questions asked. He never took a day off and was always there to help and support his team.


The NBA is one place that has seen the hell of teams and the greatest basketball players in the history of time. The men have all played matches with all their potential and even won matches. They have also accepted their defeat with a smile on their face.

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