6 Things About CYO Basketball Rules And Regulations

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CYO stands for Catholic Youth Organization which is an agency of the Roman Catholic Church that serves youth in its recreational, social, religious, and cultural needs. It was first started in Chicago in 1930 by Bishop Bernard Sheil. CYO basketball rules are really interesting to know about. 

CYO also contributes to youth in sports and physical activities and has different sports teams like basketball, football, and others. Let’s tell you some of the CYO basketball rules that every team has to follow. 

CYO Basketball Rules During League

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CYO basketball rules during the league are no less serious than any other league in the Nation. Plus, they are held for a good cause many times. 

Coach Certification Cards

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The coach certification cards in CYO basketball rules are issued by the league. It is checked by the referee himself before the start of the game. This is among CYO basketball rules that no coach and player should be allowed on the bench without a current card. 

Game Time

CYO basketball rules that every game shall consist of four stop clock quarters, for each grade 3 through 6 six minutes and for grades 7 and 8 seven minutes. This is among the CYO basketball rules that three-point shots are counted for 7th and 8th grade only. Free throws will be permitted to only third graders to cross the free throw. 

Harassment During Free Throws

For unsuccessful attempts, players will be given substitute free throws where there will be bench or crowd noise during the attempt. The CYO basketball rules say that if the interruption continues, the coach of the offended team will be warned once. 

Technical Fouls

The CYO basketball rules say that the second foul in the game will disqualify the coach or the player. However, the technical bench fouls will be assessed against the head coach. Also, the technical fouls will be counted as team fouls and as personal fouls as well. 


The eligibility for playoffs is given to all American League teams in CYO basketball rules. However, if there is only one division per national sex or grade, in that case, only the top six teams will consider eligible for playoffs. When there is multiple division per national sex and grade, in that case, the top three teams of girls and top two of teams of boys will consider eligible for playoffs. 

Tie Breakers 

For determining final standings for CYO basketball rules, league playoffs, and play, the tie-breaker will be seeding in order (a) neck to neck results (b) net point differential in the neck to neck games among only the tied team (c) coin toss. 


Watching CYO league playing under the CYO basketball rules is one of the best feelings where you will admit the sense of competition and fighting for a good cause altogether. CYO basketball rules are made just to inspire that no team or player take the seriousness of the league lighting and compete with each other likewise.

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