7 Most Famous Athletes From Wisconsin

famous athletes from wisconsin

Wisconsin witnessed many notable gifts to the world, including cheese, cranberries, and beer. Wisconsin being a badger state has given the world some of the greatest athletes of all time with expertise in their respective games. These athletes have attended high school at the University of Wisconsin, making them eligible for world level athletic competitions.

List Of All Time Famous Athletes From Wisconsin

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Eric Heiden

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Without a doubt, Eric Heiden is a legendary and successful athlete in his skating career in Wisconsin. He belonged to Madison. Eric Heiden is the first player to win five gold medals in the Winter Olympics of 1980. Moreover, he is one of the ten people to win more than five gold medals in one single Olympic Games. Infact, he has proved himself in World Championships with seven golds from the year 1977 to 1980. Besides his skating career, he shined as a world-class cyclist.

J J Watt

J.J. Watt is one also of the greatest and famous athletes from Wisconsin, basically from Waukesha city. After three years of going to Wisconsin, he was a first-team All-American and All-Big Ten winner of the very prestigious Lott trophy. Along with being a great player, he is also a softhearted and humble man. He even raised funds for the victims of the Houston area flooding.

Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas is a very famous athlete from Brookfield, Wickson. He was most known for being the first team all-state offensive and defensive lineman. He announced his retirement in the year 2018 through the NFL. Thomas capped off his remarkable Hall of Fame career with the Cleveland Browns with the recognition as an NFL ironman.

Gwen Jorgensen- Triathlon

Gwen Jorgensen took admission to the University of Wisconsin and became the most famous woman athlete from Wisconsin. There she learned to swim. Then in the year 2010, she was titled with the Triathlon’s rookie USA of the year. She also got second place at the World Championships of 2011 in London.

Paul Hamm – Professional Gymnast

One of the very famous athletes from Wisconsin, Paul Hamm, is a 5 foot -6 gymnast with his impressive muscled body. He was born in Wausau, a city in Wisconsin. He became the only male of American origin who won gold in the Olympic Games held at Athens in 2004.

Natisha Hiedeman – Great Basketball Player

Natisha Hiedeman is one of the most famous athletes from Wisconsin. She is known for her professional and impressive gaming techniques. She won the prestigious title of Big East Player of the Year in women’s basketball.

TE Path Richter- Legendary Football Player

Richter was among the members of the College Football Hall of Fame. He is basically a native of Madison and attended the University of Wisconsin. He is one of the very famous athletes from Wisconsin. He was selected in the NFL draft of 1963 with the seventh overall pick. Richter played eight seasons with another great player, Washington Redskins. He played his best season in 1968 and caught nine touchdown passes.


Wisconsin possesses many potential athletes. The list of the most famous athletes from Wisconsin is provided above.

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