A Look At Top Girls Basketball Players

girls basketball players

When it comes to basketball, girls tournaments are given way less importance and consideration than boys tournaments. Even now females are considered inferior to their opposite gender for this game. Basketball is the game of speed, height, and strength. Whereas, girls basketball players are considered to be weak in all the three aspects. But is it true? Of course not. Girls are no way behind boys in any aspect. This can be proven by the number of girls basketball players that have risen as stars in the game. They are enough to prove a woman’s capability in the game of speed. Let’s look at few of the names.

Top International Girls Basketball Players of All Times

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1. Carol Blazejowski

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In 1978, she scored 52 points in Montclair’s State and set the Madison Square Garden record.

2. Diana Taurasi

She was among the top 15 players of the Women National Basketball Association in 2011 and still goes strong.

3. Tamika Catchings

She is a star player of WNBA. She has set several records by ranking in the untouched main 10.

4. Maya Moore

She is one of the top American girls basketball players. She was the champion of 2006-7 Naismith Player of the year.

5. Lauren Jackson

She has two WNBA titles and three WNBA MVP honors in her name. She is Australian and is considered as a perfectly balanced player on the court.

Top Indian Girls Basketball Players

1. Akanksha Singh

She is the captain of India Women’s National Basketball Team. She along with her four sisters are often called “fantastic four” among Girls basketball players of India.

2. Anitha Pauldurai

She has been the captain of our National team. She played for almost 18 years for the Indian team. Also she is the only Indian woman who played nine Asian Basketball Confederations.

3. Shiba Maggon

She has been a part of the Indian Women’s team. However, now she is the coach for the Senior women Indian team and an international referee.

4. Appoorva Muralinath

She played for four years in Indian Women’s team. However, now she is the assistant coach at Dean College Massachusetts.

Tips for Girls Basketball Players

1. Leave Excuses

Stop making excuses about your height or speed. You might not be the tallest but can be the fastest and vice-versa.

2. Don’t let off a Rebound

Rebounds can be game changers. Always wait for a rebound if it seems so. Catch it and make the shoot.

3. Practice like its final

When you are practicing, consider that you are p[laying the finals. Therefore, even if it’s a practice session, give your best.


Skills are something that you learn and acquire. They need patience and practice. History shows that Girls Basketball Players have been leading the game since long. There are enough examples to prove that girls can be good basketball players too. The need is to quit being afraid of. Whether it is the fear of the other person being tall than you or missing a shoot, or being unable to mark a 3 pointer. That is all right. Practice, look upto the leading Girls basketball players. Make a role model and bounce back every time just like a rebound.

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