All Basketball Rules You Should Know Before You Enter The Game

All Basketball Rules

Basketball is a team sport that dates back to around the 1890s. By 1932, school basketball had transformed into a fully-formed international game. Although basketball is a part of many countries like Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Spain, and some parts of Asia, it is America which is the home to the most popular and lucrative form of basketball- NBA (National Basketball Association).

Learning All Basketball Rules

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Learning a new game is always fascinating. The rules of basketball may vary slightly depending on the level of the game or where the game is played. For example, college basketball rules may vary slightly from professional basketball rules. Nevertheless, the main basketball rules are still fixed for all levels of the game. Here’s a list of all basketball rules every player must be aware of.

Rules for Every Player

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Every team is made up of 12 players, out of which only 5 players are allowed on the court at a time.

The positions are divided into Point Guard, Defensive Guard, Center, Offensive Forward, and Defensive Forward.

The objective of every team is to score as many baskets as possible by putting the ball inside the opponent’s hoop within the given time limit.

Every game is divided into 4 quarters. Each quarter is of 12 minutes in the NBA. At halftime, both the teams switch goals. The time allotted to each quarter may vary from state to state or the level of the game.

Each basket is worth 2 points. If a basket is shot from outside the three-point line, it is worth three points. When shooting a free throw, each free throw is worth 1 point.

After each successful basket, the ball is then turned over to the opposite team.

Rules for Offense

The team that has the basketball is the team on offense. When a player has the basketball, there are certain rules he/she must follow. These are:

The player must pass the ball to other players only by dribbling or simply passing. If at any time, both the hands of a player are on the ball or the player stops dribbling, he/she can only move one foot.

The ball must stay inside the boundary. If the offensive team throws the ball outside the boundary, then the other team gets control of the ball.

Once the offensive team owns the ball, they have 24 seconds to shoot it towards the basket. If they fail, the opposite team gets the ball.

Once the offensive team crosses the half-court, they cannot go back to the backcourt. If they do so, it results in a backcourt violation.

All Basketball Rules for Defense

The team without the ball is the team on defense. The main rule for all the defensive players is to not make any fouls. The defensive cannot touch the offensive player in any way that causes the offensive player to lose or miss the shot.


All basketball rules are fairly straightforward. Each player must avoid making any personal fouls or any violations like traveling, double dribble, or goaltending. The team with the maximum number of scores after 4 quarters will win the match.

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