American Association Basketball Rules

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People across the globe playing basketball adhere to some basic rules. Here are the rules listed.

Size of the Court

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The most important basketball rule is the size of the court. A standard court should have a particular dimension. The three-point line is very long when compared to international events. Also, the free-throw line should be equivalent to the distance from the basket and the lane itself should be exactly 16 ft wide. The line at the top should be 23.9 inches and the line at the corners should be 22 inches.

Rules for the Number of Players and Substitute Players

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Each basketball team should have only five players on the court at a single given time. When the game is on, the team would need substitutes. This keeps the teams energetic and this maintains the energy levels of the players. If an eligible player is injured, then the coach can send substitutes. The coach has a right to make substitutions. The only rule regarding substitutes is that a substitute cannot enter a game if either team scores a successful goal.

Rules about Dribbling

A good dribble is an essential basketball skill that helps the player ditch their opponents and also score a goal or pass the ball to another player. As per the general rule in basketball, dribbling allows one to take hold of the ball for only 24 seconds to attempt a shot. You can also not touch the ball with both hands at the same time. You cannot also rest while taking control of the ball. 

When do you say Timeout

Basketball games have four quarters that all last for 12 minutes each. Each team is permitted only two timeouts and the reason is because both the teams have a total of 60 seconds timeouts in all the games.

Rules for foul or fights

While playing a basketball game, it is prohibited to fight from the bench. If one of the teammates fights in the court, the player should not get off from the bench into the filed to help them out. Doing so, will levy a fine or suspension for the team in the next game. Sometimes, the fouls incurred are tricky. No team gets a punishment for tricky fouls. In case a player makes six personal fouls or technical fouls, they get disqualified.

Rules for Defense in Zones

In case a team has a weak defense team, the opponents get more chances of scoring more goals and attacking too. If one person is stationed at the zone defense place, it is better to block the members of the opposite team. But as per NBA rules, a player is not supposed to spend more than three seconds in a restrictive place unless they are standing there to guard a player of the opponent team.

Game Rules

All games take four 12 minute quarters. There is no tie or draw in the game. When the teams play hard, but both the teams score the same, additional five minutes are given to the players to decide a winning team.

These are the American Association basketball rules. 

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