Basketball Rules – Learn the Basic Rules of Basketball

basic rules of basketball

Most people who have a profound interest in basketball, either as an amateur or as a professional, know very well what the basic rules of basketball are. These rules apply to every team, whether you’re playing in the WNBA, NBA 2K or any other professional league. There are several key rules that every team must follow, including when to call a play, how to play defense and how to rebound. Each of these topics has a different answer depending on the team. For example, if the team is on offense and they run out a lay-up or a 3-point shot, there are specific rules for how to respond.

An Overview

One of the most important rules about basketball is the one that says that you cannot touch the basketball with your hands, except when your hand is above the free throw line. There are exceptions to this rule for when you’re attempting a steal of the basketball or attempting to basket catch a basket. But, even then, you cannot grab the ball using your fingers, your palms or your forearms. And you certainly can’t push the ball over the free throw line, unless you do it above the foul line.

Every time you shoot a free throw, you must stand still and neither you nor any of your opponents are allowed to move any closer to the free throw line, except for a single stride which may be taken to get closer to the free throw. Then, you must release the ball using your shoulders and turn into a set position and make one or two contact shots while turning away from the basket. If you take a shot and make no attempt to contact the basket, your attempt is considered a free throw. If you make any attempts to pass the ball to an opponent, you will be assessed a technical foul.

Basic Basketball Rules To Learn

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So, as you can probably see, this is the first part of the basic rules of basketball. Now, let’s talk about the other rules. The shooting foul is designed to penalize players who take too many shots without being able to shoot them with a fair degree of accuracy. The timekeeper will stop the game three times – once just before the foul is called, once just after it happens and then again just before the game is whistled again. That is, if he or she is working with a live ball.

The official rules of basketball are the same all across the country, but the rules in different parts of the country can be different. Each sport has its own rules which have to be followed. For example, in basketball games in the United States, the players are allowed to wear two socks at the same time. However, they are also not allowed to wear the socks that are white in color when they are playing in a professional game. This is because the opposing team might confuse them and find it easy to tell the difference.

International basketball leagues follow different rules. So, it’s important for leagues to distinguish between the rules for players in their respective countries and those for players in other countries. Some common violations include double-tap (intentional touching of an offensive player with a stick or arm) and going out of bounds. Double-tap can result in a penalty, suspension or even loss of the game. Going out of bounds is considered a violation for many of the American leagues, especially the National Basketball Association.

Bottom Line

The last, and one of the simplest basketball rules, are the no-brainer rule about basketball. That is, if you can not shoot the ball, you cannot dribble it. This has become known as the “no try” rule. Many younger people make the mistake of thinking that if they can’t shoot a basketball then they can dribble it.

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