Basketball Training Program – Preseason Workouts Postseason Workouts Off Season Workouts

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If you want to improve your basketball skills and increase your basketball fitness, the best way is to find a good basketball training program. A program consists of a set of proven techniques to improve your basketball performance. These techniques can be categorized into two: Basic and advanced. Here are the basic techniques that every basketball training program should contain:

Preseason And Postseason Sessions

Basketball training programs must have pre-season and post-season sessions. In the pre-season, you will have an intensive one-on-one training with the trainer. The purpose of this period is to prepare you for the in-season sessions. You will be better prepared to tackle the challenges of the in-season brings.

Your basketball training program must also include post-season workouts. In the post-season, you will get another intensive one-on-one session with your trainer. This time, you will be given more time to prepare for the NBA draft. The idea here is for you to work on your weaknesses and build your strengths. The workout sessions here will include advanced plyometrics training, muscle strengthening and stretching.

Weight Room Workouts

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A well-structured basketball training program also includes weight room workouts. The purpose of these workouts is to build the muscles of the legs and to improve the athletes’ performance on the court. Weight room workouts are also beneficial for the athletes’ bone health and to build their endurance.

Basketball training systems must also incorporate drills that improve specific basketball skills. There are different skills that need to be focused on in different situations. This means that the program must have drills that focus on each skill and how it can help an athlete on his or her team. For example, if a player needs to guard the basket, he or she may need to learn how to jump to the hoop. Learning this skill will improve their ball handling skills and help them be a better fit on the court.

Your basketball training program must also include aerobic conditioning. Aerobic conditioning plays a big role in improving the players’ game. Many players lack aerobic conditioning, which makes them prone to injury. Your trainer should recommend sessions that focus on building up the aerobic conditioning of both the legs and the lungs. These sessions will help players maintain their energy level and help them stay fit on both the offensive and defensive ends of the court.

One Workout Session

As a note, you will not be allowed to do your entire basketball training program in one workout session. Each session must be designed for at least 10 minutes. Any less than that and you will burn out your muscles before you are able to make the most of your workout. To make sure that you are working out your muscles properly, you should work with a partner at the gym and alternate who do the upper body workout session with the lower body one.

A few years ago, basketball training programs were not very advanced and did not include the types of exercises that they do today. Because of this, many aspiring basketball athletes used steroids or other performance enhancing drugs to improve their game. This trend was eventually brought to light and athletes were either expelled from the sport altogether or forced to leave the college playing career early. If you want to remain competitive, it is important to keep your conditioning in check during the pre-season and throughout the season.

Summing Up

The best way to maintain intensity in your basketball workouts is through high intensity, high volume workouts. A great workout session is one where you are running at maximum speed for about 30 minutes. Then you would have a cooling down period, where you would use some lower body exercises to get rid of any remaining soreness. Then you would start up your next set of basketball workouts. By doing this you are setting yourself up for a tremendous workout each time you workout.

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