Can a White Basketball Star Make it in the NBA

white basketball players

There’s a lot of discussions these days about whether or not white basketball players are better than their color counterparts. Though there might be occasional exceptions where white basketball players might self-identify as somehow less than stellar, the vast majority of the general belief comes from allusion and inference, common sense, and implication. We’ll address some of those issues here and then look at some of the possible reasons why the “white guy’ might actually be better.

White Basketball Players

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First up, there is the question of scoring. This is where the ‘colorblind’ factor comes in. Of course, we know that points per possessions for white basketball players are greater than it is for everyone else (with the possible exception of Asians). This is because they are so much better at shooting the ball from long range that they don’t need to draw extra defenders away from the basket to operate.

This is just one reason why white basketball players might have a higher shooting percentage than their colored counterparts. But that’s not all that there is to this. Scorers who excel in other facets of the game – defense, rebounding, ball-handling – are also generally good on-court athletes. So then, does this translate into an advantage? It’s important to remember that athleticism alone does not account for success.

Important Factors

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That brings us to another factor: foreign-born white players are known to exhibit greater mental strength. After all, there are many NBA teams that recruit players from abroad, and they put them under tremendous pressure. This can translate into a willingness to challenge themselves. A second, related factor: foreign-born white basketball players are generally more self-confident. This, again, is because of the unique blend of culture and opportunity that being a foreign-born white player brings. These factors all go into explaining why Nashville white players underachieve at times.

However, it’s still noteworthy that foreign-born white basketball players still manage to reach the top. Take Michael Jordan, for example. Even though he may have been hindered by his physical appearance as a youth, he still led a team of overseas-born white basketball players into the NBA, where he remains to this day the best player ever to play the sport. At the same time, you have to think of Tracy McGrady, who won the slam dunk contest at the Olympics and is currently the best shooting guard in the NBA. So even if you discount the inherent physical advantages of a player born overseas, what you must also consider is talent, which comes from both nature and nurture.

Reason Why White Basketball Players Underachieve

The reason why white basketball players underachieve at times is that they lack the polish and skills of a true American basketball player. This is compounded by the fact that white American athletes are usually bred with attributes that make them better athletes, allowing them to excel in other sports, such as running track or volleyball. These athletes also have access to resources that white American basketball players do not have, such as coaches and training programs. In contrast, foreign-born athletes are typically thrust into life without the support of any kind of guidance, which can hamper their desire to excel in basketball.

The good news, then, for white basketball players is that they can overcome all these barriers. They can develop the attributes of athleticism and shooting guard quickly through proper training with a basketball coach who understands the value of having players with a mixture of athleticism and skill. It’s also possible for these players to receive advice on how to improve their athleticism. Some of the best white basketball players are currently training in America, such as Tracy McGrady, and utilizing these opportunities to improve their game.

Bottom Line

The success of a mixed-race player in the National Basketball League (NBL) is unprecedented, especially considering the history of black players in the NBA. Even if there are still stereotypes when it comes to being able to be a white basketball star, the NBA is taking steps to break down these stereotypes through the inclusion of white stars such as McGrady. As a result, the perception of what it means to be a white basketball star has changed. Now, instead of seeing a black man or woman as a throw-away, the idea of a white basketball star has become more attractive.

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