Check Out How The Famous Mormon Athletes Train Themselves

famous mormon athletes

Mormonism refers to a religious practice of sincerely following the beliefs and traditions of Mormons. Mormons religiously pray to Jesus Christ as they consider Jesus as their Father. They believe that all human beings can be saved by obeying and praying to Jesus. The latter-day Saint culture emphasizes values such as honesty, obedience and integrity.

Mormon Olympics

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There is a separate section of the Olympics specifically for the Mormons. Mormons follow a whole unique and exciting set of traditions. It includes believing undoubtedly in Jesus, not consuming tea/coffee/alcohol, accepting anything and everything offered by a Bishop and many more. Strict and capable Mormons take part in the Mormon Olympics. Mormon Olympics offers all sorts of sports and activities such as Martial arts, Rugby, Swimming, Boxing, Golf, Basketball, Car racing and a lot more.

Famous Mormon Athletes

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Here’s a list of one of the best Mormon players in various fields and sports.

Jimmer Fredette: Jimmer Fredette is an American Basketball player who has a leading score in all of NCCA. He is a mormon missionary who took part in the Mormon Olympics in the Basketball tournament.

Harmon Killebrew: Harmon Killebrew is an American baseball player who is recognized as a left fielder, first base man and third base man. He plays in two terms namely Washington Senator and Kansas City Royals. He is exceptionally known for hitting the longest homerun and controlling his upper body.

Torah Bright: Torah Bright is an Australian snowboarder who is a winter Olympics gold medalist. She is an extraordinary snowboarder player having a good grip on halfpipe, slopestyle and boarder-cross.

Merlin Olsen: Merlin Jay Oslen is an American Football player and actor. He is best known to defend while playing football and is one of the finest mormon football players.

Billy Casper: Billy Casper was an American Golfer playing in the Mormon Olympics. He was known to organize various tours for golf around the world such as those in Europe and Africa.

Steve Young: Steve Young is an American football player known to play 15 seasons in the National Football league. While being a strict Mormon he also played for Los Angeles Express of US Football League and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Danny Ainge: Danny Ainge is a professional Mormon baseball and basketball player. He is currently a president in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Ben Hannant: Ben Hannant is an Australian Rugby player playing for Burleigh Bears. He is an Queensland Rugby representative who is known for extraordinary games in Brisbane Broncos, North Queensland Cowboys, etc.

Richard Lambourne: Richard Lambourne is an American volleyball player who also was a part of the 2008 gold winning Olympics team.

Cael Sanderson: Cael Sanderson is an American wrestler proudly representing the United States in the Olympics. He is one of the most famous freestyle wrestlers to be achieving tremendous success and awards in the same field.


It’s not an easy job to follow Mormonism. Being a Mormon requires self control and passion. The famous Mormon Athletes have become a source of sheer inspiration and motivation to thousands of people around the globe. They promote their beliefs in Jesus and motivate hundreds to work hard and gain success.

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