CHSAA Basketball Rules – What Should You Know Before The Game

chsaa basketball rules

Chsaa has the responsibility to oversee all the athletic events and activities of its member schools. Under Chsaa which is an acronym for Colorado high school activities association. It also has a voluntary association of more than 330 member schools throughout the state that is both public as well as private.

Basketball Court

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Under Chsaa basketball rules, they have set the regulations for their high school basketball courts. Chsaa basketball rules also state that the approved basketball court should measure 84 feet long by 50 feet long. Besides, the court line must divide the court into two halves. They also state that the baseline should run underneath the basket on either end of the floor from sideline to sideline. Also, they must be located 4 feet behind the blackboard. There is an official blackboard for play and it is 6 feet wide by 3.5 feet high. The regulation height of the rim should exactly be 10 feet from that of the playing surface as well as 18 inches in diameter on all levels of play.

Scoring Rules

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According to Chsaa basketball rules, points are usually scored in one, two, and three-point increments. Besides, they also award one point if a player scores a successful foul shot or free throw attempt. The Chsaa basketball rules suggest that the offensive player is awarded a foul shot when there is any illegal contact made by the defensive player. Besides, there are two points awarded for any shot that is not considered as a foul shot as well as made on side of the three-point line. Additionally, three points are awarded to the player if the shot is made behind the three-point line which also equals 19 feet 9 inches from the basket.

Get Back Guy Rule

In the Chsaa basketball rules, this rule suggests that every head coach in the game is required to nominate a get back guy. He is an assistant coach who has the responsibility of everybody on the team bench. He is available beside the team if any fight occurs on the floor. He is also responsible for ensuring that no one in the team gets involved and answers to the commissioner for any incidents that can occur when he is assigned to this position.


Basketball is a lovely sport to play and to master this game one would like to have an exclusive portable basketball hoop all for him. Having your own basketball system is a convenient solution as you get to play it anytime and anywhere. The choice of purchasing it or not is up to oneself. If you are a basketball fan and you move a lot or have les storage area, then the one for you. In the other case, there are other better options in the market or you may head to the nearest basketball court round you. These Chsaa basketball rules apply to both the boys as well as girls’ high school basketball teams. These rules ensure consistency in the high school competitions and make sure that there is fair play in the game throughout the matches as well as competitions.

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