Detailed Facts About The Famous Athletes With Concussions

Famous Athletes With Concussions

People always feel excited about the winning matches of the athletes. However, they do not have any idea about the sufferings that many of them go through. This article will tell you about the famous athletes with concussions and how they overcame the hurdles. Moreover, these great players showed us that dedication could do anything.

List Of The Famous Athletes With Concussions

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Here is a short list of these famous athletes with concussions.


Patrick Grange was a famous soccer player who died in 2012 due to his affliction with Lou Gehrig’s disease. An autopsy discovered that Grange had stage 2 CTE. Furthermore, doctors suspected that it might have been a cause of his death. Moreover, several surveys suggest that it was one of the first reported CTE cases in soccer. Researchers said that he was a renowned header. This fact might have led to brain cell degeneration; however, enough evidence has not been found to prove the same.


Although he didn’t have an awe-inspiring career in football. However, critics do refer to Terry Long as a productive player. He was part of eight seasons of the National Football League. Moreover, he proved to be a boon to his teammates. However, in 2005, his suicide by drinking antifreeze became the headline of every paper. On autopsy of his brain, there was a report of severe CTE. Moreover, doctors confirmed that he suffered from chronic depression.

Some More Famous Athletes With Concussions

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Andrew’ Test’ Martin had some manifested signature moves. This left people awestruck whenever they sat to see WWE. Basically, he was the boss of his times, and people loved to see him putting the opponent upside-down. But wrestling career didn’t go well with Andrew. Moreover, the prescribed drug oxycodone was given for his chronic pain in the brain. But regular doses ended his life at 34. The symptoms were similar to Alzheimer’s disease.


Playing on ice is both exciting and evicting. Bob Probert had a career of 17 years but some conflict during a match against Chicago Blackhawks, he suffered a head injury following which he had to quit hockey. Later on, he became a drug addict and also had to be imprisoned for the same. This damaged his body cells even more, and at the age of 45, this player left for abode.


Famous Canadian Wrestler Chris Benoit was the craze among most youth after he acquired several renowned titles and awards. However, a severe chronic CTE took control over his mind. He himself ended his bright career after killing his own wife and children, followed by his own death. This incident is one of the few notable and eerier experiences in the history of wrestling.

Suggestions For Post Concussion Care

Even if we take enough precautions, injuries are never on our hands to prevent. But what we can do is, take care of ourselves following a concussion. Previous paras tell us that Most of the time, the famous athletes with concussions gradually lost their minds. Furthermore, their careers were at stake. But the initial thing one should do is withdrawing himself from the game and getting proper aid within the Golden Hours because desperate times require intellectual measures. And the best thing is to get appropriate treatment and a healthy lifestyle. Ending one’s life can never be a cure for pain.


We all have alternatives. We just need to find the correct time and the right opportunity to jump in and find ourselves once again. The lives of famous athletes with concussions are like examples for all of us. A disease must have proper treatment. However, you have to fight back and become a winner in life.

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