Double Weight Exercise For Olympic Athletes

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If you are not familiar with CrossFit training, then you have been missing a lot of great training that doubles as great fitness. There is no way around it, CrossFit training is hard, but the results are amazing. This is one of the most common questions that I am asked, “What is double unders?”. The short answer is: resistance training for strength and endurance while working on core strength and stability. In other words, what other exercises work the core like CrossFit?

Various Parts Of Your Body

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CrossFitters ask this question all the time. So, let’s answer it together. An effective CrossFit workout consists of many different workouts that work various parts of your body. This is because the sport requires fast, explosive movements that work the entire body in a short amount of time. Your upper body is your strongest muscle group, so it should be the focus of every CrossFit training session.

The first type of exercise we will look at is the calorie counter jump rope. This exercise works the entire upper body. It starts with a standing position where you hang from a harness attached to the wall. You use short strings (aka “short sleeves”) connected to the end of the harness to hang from the rope. You will use the harness to help you balance and stabilize yourself while you execute various calisthenics, such as the power clean, double unders, clean and front squat.

Utilize The Short Strings

Next, you will utilize the short strings to hang from the bottom of the harness. While hanging, you execute the power clean, front squat and snatch. This takes about three full repetitions to complete. As you increase in your fitness level, you can add more weights or decrease the length of the short strings. You will need to use the digital LCD screen to keep track of your score.

Another type of CrossFit training you might encounter is the power clean and Front Squat. This is also a great workout, but it is much harder than the previous exercise. Instead of using the short strings, you will use a medicine ball or the wall to perform this exercise. Keep in mind that to perform the power clean correctly, you must pull down on the barbell from between your legs.

Power Clean

What makes this variation difficult is that you must perform the power clean from a standing position, balancing on your toes. The beauty of performing the power clean is that you can perform it from a standing position, which will require you to have good balance. What makes this exercise difficult is balancing the weight of the body. You need to pull your grip down between your legs and keep your grip tight. As you increase your power, you will be able to pull your grip further away from your body.

In addition to performing the power clean, you will perform the rope jump variation during your CrossFit training. To perform the rope jump, you must first have your fitness levels up to par. Then, while holding the rope between your feet, jump as high as you can.

Final Words

Once you have developed a good back, you need to be able to create a good foundation for your upper back. A few exercises that help develop upper back strength are stiff-leg dead lifts, single-leg stiff-leg dead lifts, and incline dumbbell presses. To build strong forearms, do incline dumbbell extensions. Finally, to develop power for your lower body, do stiff-leg dead lifts and stiff-leg squats.

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