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Great sound quality is a blessing to the hearer, and a piece of equipment that can help produce it is a great boon to any artist or musician. Here is Xiaokoa’s Condenser Microphone that comes with a complimentary stand, perfect for recording in a professional studio or even for personal vlogging or gaming. It can be connected to a desktop, a laptop, or even a smartphone!

About the Podcasting/Streaming Condenser Microphone with Stand

The diaphragm of this microphone follows the sound waves more precisely which helps in producing superior sound quality. It offers much higher sensitivity and produces very low or no background noise. It does not cause any distortion or change of voice. The entire package of this product consists of cables, a plug, a stand, and a filter, that enhances its usage. Its prime function is as a karaoke microphone. The whole set retails for $31.27 as it is on sale.

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Pros of This Microphone

  • Great Sound Quality: Unlike the dynamic microphones, which have long and heavy coils attached to them, these microphones have a low-mass diaphragm, that helps in producing superior sound quality.
  • Accompanied by a filter: This microphone comes with a filter that helps in improving the sound quality and also prevents the occurrence of any popping sound.
  • Complimentary Stand: While most microphones require stands to be bought separately, here is one that comes with a stand. The stand is made up of metal and strong fibre that makes it durable and stable.
  • Portable: This microphone is portable and handy as it is not too large for its size. The stand can be folded and carried around in a small bag. This can be of great use to vloggers and artists on tours.
  • Robust in nature: Since these Microphones do not come with tubes or any delicate components, they can bear the rough handling when the musicians hit the road. They are made up of solid high-quality material, with a lightweight membrane that can easily take the heavy sounds. Thus, these microphones can handle high sound pressure levels.
  • Flexibility: This microphone can be connected either to a laptop or a smartphone, which makes it very flexible in usage. This helps in minimizing the usage of many instruments used for recording, especially if the artist is travelling or on tour.
  • Economical choice: Buying a Condenser Microphone is more economical than buying other kinds, as these are of higher quality and involves fewer chances of replacement. With $31.27 for a Condenser Microphone along with a stand, cable, and filter, it is a very cost-effective product.
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Cons Of This Product

As such there are no cons of this product, except that it comes in only one size. There is no cash-on-delivery option available for the online order of this product.


These condenser microphones are great for those musicians who love to travel and also for YouTube vloggers who are on a great rise. With good sound quality production, stability and durability, this microphone are one of the best pieces of equipment for audio engineers as well.

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