Everything That You Need To Know On Youth Basketball Training Program

youth basketball training program

Well, here is everything important about the youth basketball training program which will help you in managing your kids sports time a bit better. From warming up sessions to a proper training schedule, this article covers every single stuff for making your role as a responsible adult a bit easy. Hence without any further ado let us begin with-

Importance Of Dynamic Warm-Up Session And Athletic Work-

A blue ball on the court

A dynamic warm-up session is something that most of you ignore which results in many accidents. In order, to prevent unwanted injuries practice a thorough and rigorous warm-up session. Well, with no athletic tendency, no sportsperson can become brilliant with their skill set. Warming up with playing basketball can be a good way to start with the proper training session. Let us check out the step-by-step warm-up session at the later part of the article.

Next, you need to make sure that you make this

Youth Basketball Training Program: Training Schedule That You Need To Follow-

A man that is standing in the dark

Warmup Session begins with-(Stationery ball handling)

Around the world

Figure 8

Behind the black dribble

Two ball dribble crossover

Two ball front to back dribble

Warm-up session 2




Defense shuffle

Walking lunge and hamstring stretch

Side hops

Butt kicks

Crab walks

Bear crawl

Jumping and landing

Skipping with arm swings

More on Warming Up Session

Half-speed dribble.

Backpedal half-speed dribble.

Now protect the ball dribble going forward and backward. Try switching hands half court.

Crab walk-figure 8 while you walk.

¾ speed dribble.

¾ speed cross dribble.

Full speed dribble.

Full speed behind the back dribble.

Full speed inside out dribble.

Partner passing – shuffle then again pass, chest bounce, and then overhead.

Youth Basketball Training Program Teaching Skills and Fun Drills

Let us now start with –

Two ball dribbling drills.

Then continue with form shooting.

After that switch to two-ball shooting.

Next, knock out and water break.

Now teach motions drills for 10 minutes.

Next practice Defence reaction and conditioning drills for 2 minutes.

Lastly, free throws, and quick water breaks.

Games and Drills that you need To Practice(Offence And Defence)

Let us begin with-

No dribble keep away for 5 minutes.

The do 4 on 3 overload drill for 5 minutes.

After that switch to 4 on 4 for five minutes.

Next, do 5 on 4 which is an overload drill for 5 mins.

Lastly, the situation drill is also for 5 minutes.


Well, this is everything that you require to get started with a

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