Famous Athletes From Minnesota

famous athletes from minnesota

Minnesota is home to some of the most famous athletes in the National Football League. Some of these athletes have become household names and their accomplishments in the National Football League span so long and include such sports as football, basketball and hockey. The names of some of these athletes who are from Minnesota are football’s greatest stars such as Brett Favre, Jerry Rice and John Elway. Others that come from this part of the United States are athletes such as baseball greats such as Joe Montana, Mickey Mantle and Roger Clemens.

Brett Favre

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Aside from these sports stars there are also other famous athletes from Minnesota who are recognized around the world and are loved by fans and the general public alike. One of these famous athletes is none other than Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. This is a team which has been around since the year nineteen eighty and they are still going strong today. They are a very exciting team to watch because of their exciting style of playing football. They have a running attack, which consists of running back Adrian Peterson and wide receiver Sidney Rice. It is a team that does not stand for anything but heart and will power.

Sidney Rice is also another athlete that is from this part of the world. He is a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings and he is widely known for his acrobatics on the field. He caught passes from the legendary Favre and has become very proficient at catching the ball. He is also very good in special teams. He has also been named to the Pro Bowl four times. These are a very impressive feat in his career and that of Rice.

Michael Redd

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Another notable athlete from Minnesota is basketball player Michael Redd. He is a two time NBA champion and has been an All Star for the Detroit Pistons. He is also well known for being in action with the Lakers in the Staples Center. He is a two time All Star and has also won the championships with Denver as a member of the Nuggets and the Heat in his career. He has also played in Spain and China.

Flip Williams

Three more Minnesotans who have been chosen for the Hall of Fame are basketball legend Flip Williams, tight end John Paxson and football player tackle Tom Johnson. Williams is perhaps the best known athlete from Minnesota as a player and as a professional. He played eleven seasons for the Los Angeles Lakers. He also coached the University of Alabama for three years.

Of course there is one more group of famous athletes from Minnesota and that would be the Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings have had a lot of trouble in the Super Bowl history. They lost to the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl three years ago and were never able to regain their confidence.


Today the state of Minnesota is home to many professional sports teams and individuals. In particular it is famous for professional baseball, which boasts a World Series title, two hockey championships and two basketball championships. One can also enjoy world class sailing, great hiking expeditions, shopping trips, and fishing trips. Another wonderful option is world class motorcycling. This sport is enjoyed all over the world and is great fun to do.

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