Famous Athletes With Genetic Disorders

famous athletes with autism

Did you ever realize that there are some famous athletes with autism? I am not sure if you do or not. Autism is a growing problem these days. Many people in this country and around the world believe it to be a genetic disorder. Let me tell you, some famous athletes with autism were not born with it; they were born with the condition later in life.

Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox, who starred on the television series “Foxhole”, could not walk without making noises. His family doctor came up with a device that helped him control his gait. He learned how to speak by watching his father and his doctors.

Hunter Armstrong

A person swimming in a pool

Hunter Armstrong is another example. You may not realize it, but Hunter was once a rower at the University of Utah. If you go to a college that he attended, you will see a poster for a wheelchair-bound cyclist named Lance Armstrong. He came out of retirement after contracting Lupus, which is an auto-immune disease that causes inflammation in the blood vessels. His doctor told him that he had to have surgery or he would have been paralyzed.


Autism is not something that is unique to autistic people. I am sure you have heard of some of the more famous athletes with autism. Joe Montana is autistic. He played football at the University of Texas, where he was courted by many coaches. Bill Romanowski, another athlete with autism, became a professional ice skater.

Joe Montana

Did you know that Joe Montana is so proud of his disability? He said that he never thought he would have to use a stick to push himself off a mountain. These are some of the most famous athletes with autism. Their doctors did not think it was possible for them to do what they are doing now. You can learn about their achievements and about autism from websites such as the famous athletes with autism site.

What is really amazing is that these famous people with autism are now popular and receiving huge paychecks. The funny thing is that none of them have spoken publicly about their struggles with autism. It must be hard for them because they are always being told how great they are. But the truth is that all of them must know that they have autism and have overcome it. And if they have, then why are they still struggling?

Matt Damon

A football player on a field

One of my favorite celebrities with an autistic child is Matt Damon. He said on the Late Night Show that he was not ashamed of his disability. He said that he just needs to be able to get a really good rebound when his son is not there to support him. The nice thing is that he is able to do just that. Because of his autism, he has beaten the odds and is an incredibly famous athlete.

So what does it mean when you hear that famous athletes with autism were once normal. Did they just happen to have a different type of condition? I guess not. I believe they are proof that overcoming the odds can be done even with autism.

Tough Obstacle To Overcome

Autism can be a great advantage, but it can also be a tough obstacle to overcome. I remember watching one of the autistic baseball players with the big boy looks and power. He hit the ball really hard, but he never looked at first base because he didn’t want to look like an autistic baseball player. That’s a very big advantage. Autism is a great disability, and I am not trying to say that athletes with autism are better athletes. Some of the most famous ones in sports were actually normal. Those that are now famous because of their disability made the rest of us who didn’t have autism proud. Now they are role models to many.

That’s why it’s important to know about autism and to embrace it as a different kind of human being. We should recognize the great athletes with autism and be proud of them for overcoming so many obstacles. We should look past the label of “street kid” and recognize that there are some great athletes with autism. 

Final Words

They may have been overlooked by the schools or by the professional teams, but they played with courage and they conquered their disabilities. There’s a reason for that. We will have a greater pool of people to inspire and motivate. We will have more great athletes to watch and admire. And we will have a broader spectrum of people to run our country and our civilization.

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