Famous Celebrities Born in the United Kingdom

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Famous homes can be found all across the United States. Whether you are a celebrity lover or fan of the sports that the athletes in the home run for, it is fascinating to see where they live. Some of the most famous athletes in the world live in some of the finest houses and also share those residences with other famous people from their respective sports that they participate in. Here are some of the locations where they live:

An Overview

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California – The residents of Hollywood are well known for being on the cutting edge of many things. They are so involved in the entertainment industry that they have formed their own production house, Dreamworks, to produce movies and television shows. The home of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can be seen in a number of pictures and photos taken by fans. Their home in California is also frequented by other celebrities and their fans.

Texas – For anyone who loves Texas, they know that the home of the Dallas Cowboys is a great place to visit and live. Built on a lake, the residence of Tom Hanks is just one of the many great landmarks in the city. John F. Kennedy’s Presidential home in New York City is another great example of a celebrity’s home that lives in the area. The Dallas Stars’ owner, Glen Johnson, resides in a beautiful house on a lake in Texas.

Facts About The Celebrity Birth Place

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New Jersey – One of the most famous professional athletes to live in New Jersey is none other than football’s favorite, Joe Montana. His home is in New Jersey. He was married to actress Jennifer Lopez, as well as his two children. John Elway is another athlete who enjoys the warm climate of New Jersey. He resides in one of the luxury homes that is near the golf course at the course, The Pine Barrens. The late Jerry Rice also lived in one of these luxurious homes.

Florida – This state has one of the most famous celebrities to live in. Actress, Celine Dion lives in a home in the Miami-Dade County. She has a garden, pool and tennis courts. George W. Bush was also born in Florida.

California – Probably the most well-known resident of this state is San Francisco Giants’ quarterback, Eli Manning. He resides in a gorgeous house in the Bay area. actor, Matt Damon also resides in the city. Michael Jackson, the king of pop, also had a home in California. John F. Kennedy and William Faulkner are also from the Golden State.

Washington D.C – Famous celebrities who have a home in D.C. includes Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Rep. Jim Wright (D-AK) and former Rep. Barney Frank (D-PA). Rep. Peter King (R-NY) owns a home in DuPont Circle. Actress, Cybill Shepherd also has a home in the area. Rep. Allen West (R-FL) has a home on Pennsylvania Avenue. Actresses Barbara Streisand and Sheryl Crowder, as well as musician, Rod Stewart all have homes in D.C.

These are just some of the famous people who have a home outside the United States. Other famous residents include entertainers such as Jimmy Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg and Lenny Kravitz. Pop star, Elton John, has a home in Purchase, Connecticut. You can learn more about famous celebrity homes by visiting my blog.

Celebrities born in the United States are some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Some of these include actors, musicians and politicians. George Clooney is a famous actor and political activist. He was born in Hawaiian and later on moved to California. Ben Affleck was born in Lebanon and later on moved to California.

Bottom Line

Others of note are actors who also happen to be famous home owners. Tom Cruise is the owner of a home on Surfside, Florida. Reese Witherspoon is a celebrity who owns a house on Manhattan Beach. Jenny Lewis is another celebrity who lives in Malibu. singer, song writer and actor, Will Smith resides in Beverly Hills. Lady GaGa is also from Southern California and she also has a home in the hills of Los Angeles.

Celebrities born in the United Kingdom include actor Michael Caine, who resides on the south coast of England. Songwriter and performer Jimmy Barnes is from East Riding of Yorkshire. Jonathan Ross lives in Britain and he also happens to own a home in London as well. Actors who live in the United Kingdom include Sir Sean Connery, who is from Scottish heritage and he owns a house on the Isle of Sky. These are just some of the many celebrities born in the UK and they all share a common interest – owning a home.

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