Girl Basketball Rules That Can Make You A Champion Player

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Are you looking for girl basketball rules? And want to become the best basketball player? Come here!

The basketball game is being played between the two teams having five players on each side on a rectangular court, and usually indoors. Each team tries to open their account by tossing a ball at the opponent’s goal, a heightened horizontal net, and a hoop known as a basket.

Basketball is a winter sport and is played on the basis of 12 months – in municipal, church, and industrial halls, summer playgrounds, summer camps, in family driveways, and schoolyards – on an informal basis.

Earlier it was played by men only but later accepted by women too.

So, we are here to give you a glimpse of girl basketball rules if you seriously love to play basketball.

The Rules:

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1. Basketball is a team game.

2. There are two teams, each having five players to score by shooting a ball through a net hoop that is elevated (10 feet above) the ground.

The game of basketball is played on a court that is rectangular, and there’s a hoop at both ends.

The Mid-court Line Separates The Court Into Two Sections.

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If the opposite team (defense) keeps the ball behind the mid-court line, it has 10 seconds to get on the ball.

If it does not, then the opposite team (defense) gets the ball.

Once the offensive team gets the ball over the line of mid-court, it can no longer have possession of the ball behind the mid-court line.

If it does, the defense team will get the ball.

The ball needs to reach the court toward the basket by dribbling or passing. Thus, the team having the ball is the offensive one. Similarly, the team without the ball is the defensive one.

The defense team will steal the ball, garner rebounds, deflect passes, and contest shots.

Points: Girl Basketball Rules

When a team scores a basket, they get 2 points, and then the ball is handed over to the opposite team.

If a field goal or a basket is scored outside the three-point arc, that team will get three points. A free throw aids to one point.

Game Clock: Girl Basketball Rules

Each game has two equal halves.

In college, each half = 20 minutes.

In high school, these halves are divided into 6 or 8 minute quarters.

There are several minutes of the gap between the two halves. Gaps between the quarters are comparatively short.

If scores are tied, then the overtime period consists of various lengths until a winner emerges.

Basketball Assignment & Tip-Off

Each team is allocated with a goal or basket which they need to defend. It means that the opposite one is the scoring basket. During halftime, both teams need to switch the goals.

Conclusion On Girls Basketball Rules

All the Girls basketball rules are defined with instructions that both the teams need to follow.

So, teams need to play the game accordingly so that the decorum should be maintained.

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