Greatest Duke Basketball Players Of All Time

duke basketball players

Basketball has been one of the greatest games played in the USA for a long time. The game has enjoyed a long fan following for a very long time with several dedicated institutions providing training and polishing the enthusiasts. These institutions have given some of the finest players to the NBA who have displayed excellent skills on the court. One of these renowned institutions is Duke University. Duke Basketball Players have maintained a reputation in the NBA with their ultimate legacy of players. Here are some of the greatest basketball players from Duke.

Dick Groat – The Greatest Of Duke Basketball Players

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He is considered as one of the greatest athletes to ever have worn a duke uniform. Dick Groat was a star of two sports, Basketball and baseball. In his career, he played basketball from 1950 to 1952 in which he averaged to score more than twenty goals per match for his team. He was drafted for the NBA drafts first round to Fort Wayne Pistons in 1952. Further on, he played for up to ten years in the Major League of Baseball and was a five-time all-star and the National league’s most valuable player for 1962.

Johnny Dawkins

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This person can be credited for being responsible for the re-establishment of Duke as a powerhouse of Basketball and therefore one of the best known Duke Basketball Players. Johnny Dawkins was then leading the Blue Devils in the final four and a national title game in the year 1986. The title wasn’t won by Duke but the leadership of Johnny Dawkins re-echoed the power of the 60’s duke team performance. In his entire career, he averaged a nineteen point per game score. He was an all American Player and the first team ACC. Dawkins had a great career ahead in the NBA and is now in Standford University as the head coach.

Christian Laettner – Greatest Duke Basketball Players From College

Besides being known as one of the greatest college basketball players in history, Christian Laettner is the one who is also the least liked. His most remembered moment is the one of hitting “The Shot” in the Elite Eight game of 1992, for which he is liked for on his side and hated by everyone in Kentucky. The game is considered the greatest college game ever to happen. Laettner played in all the final fours between 1989 and 1992 and he was also a part of the constant championships that Duke entered in 1991 and 1992.

Gene Banks

Banks was another great one from Duke Basketball Players to perform under the coaching of Krzyzewski, he played in his first-team and scored almost seventeen points and had eight rebounds in every game. He was titled the ACC Rookie of the year in 1978 and is also a member of the Hall of Fame of Duke Sports.


In all, Duke gave some of the greatest basketball legends of all time. These players continue to give on their service in the field of Basketball with advising and coaching. Therefore, the contribution of Duke to the sport of basketball is remarkable.

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