How Eating Disorders Is Affecting Famous Athletes

famous athletes eating disorders

However, there are also a lot of superstars who often have trouble with their eating disorders, or other eating related issues. These celebrities include Lance Armstrong, Dennis Rodman, Tom Cruise, Madonna, and even motivational speakers like John Kornmehl. Even though these people may look like “normal” people on the outside, there is an inherent danger that they are suffering from an eating disorder.

Make Them More Popular

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The reason why some of them fall victim to this is because they think it will make them more popular. They don’t realize that by losing weight, they may be missing out on the fun aspect of being a star. By keeping up with their weight loss plan, they may actually become boring and less interesting. This will affect their performance as well.

These eating disorders also cause their fans to be concerned. Their lives are being jeopardized simply because they are not able to keep up with the star. Celebrities often have their own personal trainers, and some of them are even on a special diet regime. It can even get to the point where fans are begging for the star’s autograph. That level of dedication is something that most normal people cannot handle.

Athletes Are Forced To Turn To Unhealthy Eating Habits

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It has even reached the point where many athletes are forced to turn to unhealthy eating habits to help them get through the grueling athletic season. The unhealthy lifestyles they choose to live could ultimately cause them to lose their ability to perform at their full potential. For instance, football running back Jamaal Charles found himself gaining too much weight during his time in Denver. This is usually caused by overeating. It may even lead to heart problems and other serious medical conditions.

There have been plenty of cases where famous athletes have turned to bulimia. They do this because they believe that the food available in their homes is not what their bodies were designed to eat. In some instances, they believe that what they eat will help them overcome an injury or condition that they are suffering from.

Cope With Stress

Others turn to eating disorders in order to cope with stress. There is a real problem when an athlete begins to believe that what they are putting into their body will help them perform better. The risk of them suffering from an eating disorder is very real.

Athletes who suffer from bulimia and other eating disorders are often the first ones to speak out about such topics. Many of them speak publicly about their struggles with their weight, which often makes the public more aware of the dangers. People are often more respectful of these celebrities after they reveal their struggles.


Athletes may appear to be fine when they are not performing at their best, but they do take a lot of precautions. When they begin to have issues with bulimia or other eating disorders, it is important for the public to know about them. They need to be made aware of the serious dangers of eating disorders so that other athletes and sports stars can be protected.

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