How to Learn and Master NBA Language

basketball terminology

Basketball Terminology is something that every serious basketball fan should know. There are so many things that go into basketball and you need to learn them if you want to be good at the game. When I was a kid, my favorite coach was Larry Bird. As a result of this, I became very familiar with all the different terms used in the game. Here are just a few:

BASKET BALL: A basket ball is simply when a player makes a basket with a throw from the free throw line. Sometimes the player can make a basket while dribbling the ball around on the court. BASKET BALL GOAL : A goal is when a player makes a basket with a basket ball from any place on the court. Assist marks the second point on the basketball terminology meter when a basket is made. Once an Assist mark is made, the possession is moved to the player who had an Assist.

BASKET HOOP: A basket or layup is a run-in. A layup usually happens when there is no chance for a pass because one foot has crossed the mid-court line. If there is only one foot crossing the line and a good angle, the ball is layup. There is more to basketball terminology but that’s not important right now.

An Overview

A close up of a basketball hoop

SCORE: A basket attempt is called a shot when the ball enters the hoop and the ball goes up to the rim, usually with a stop-block. Shooting fouls are called when shots are taken that are out of bounds on the court or the rim. This is part of basketball terminology that I am not sure how to explain well. There are a lot of factors that come into play when a shot is taken, like the angle of the shot, where the ball is thrown, etc. A score is just the end result.

FG FREE THEREMAS: A free throw attempt is a shot that is taken without any attempts at the basket. It is usually made near the free throw line or at one of the corners. A foul is called if it happens more than once. A slang term for this is “fucking free throws”.

FT LIVE: This is another form of a free throw. A team has the ball with one or two players in front of the other on the floor. The point guard is the player who controls the ball and passes it to the player who is closest to the basket, usually a big man. When the ball is released, the defender is forced to rebound and then he can attempt a shot or pass it to one of his teammates who then makes a attempt to rebound or stop the rebound and try a defense plan.

Master NBA Language

PLAYER POINT: This is a play that most people know about. It is when a player makes an attempt to pass the ball from one hand to another while using only one leg. Usually the one who makes the pass is a small forward. In a play like this there will be a defender right between the two players who are attempting to pass. The purpose of this play is to dribble the ball between the two players, use the body to control the ball, and then use the legs to finish.

DEFensive Basketball Terminology: Here you will find all of the defensive terms you need to know about playing on the offensive side of the court. Sometimes the ball gets spun around on the offensive team’s side of the court before it is put into play on the defensive team. That is referred to as an offensive rebound. The term defensive rebound is used to describe any offensive rebound that occurs while the ball is in play on the defensive team’s side of the court. The term free throw is used to describe any field goal made during a game.

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