Kids Basketball Strength Training – What You Should Know

basketball strength training program

You can find any number of books and videos that outline every exercise and workout step. The only things lacking are the “how to” information and instructions. When you have these two, you have mastered the fundamentals of basketball strength training.

“Loading” Or Lifting The Weights Or Machines

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Many programs start off by “loading” or lifting the weights or machines. While this is a good technique, it should only be used for the first week. After this period, it is best to use lighter weight with controlled movements. You will then move onto heavier weight with controlled movements. Your goal is to slowly build up your muscle power until you have a powerful basketball shape.

This basketball strength training program for kids should include some cardio work. Not all kids have the cardiovascular ability to run 10 miles. Some of us are just not built that way. We need to find a way to increase our heart rate and burn calories. You can do this through steady state cardio like running or walking, or you can use a more intense exercise such as jogging in place or even mountain biking. Either way, you want to keep your heart rate elevated for at least 45 minutes.

Another basketball strength training program for kids is to work on core strength. There are many muscles involved in being a good athlete. Most of these muscles are not focused on by most kids. For example, the core abdominal muscles and back are extremely important. You can improve your basketball game by strengthening these areas.

To make the most of your basketball strength training, you should incorporate resistance into your workouts. If you are doing sit ups, there is no way that you are going to get a strong muscular body. By doing some simple resistance exercises such as bench presses, you will build up the muscles in your shoulders, chest and abs. These are the main things that will help you with basketball.

Basketball strength training programs for kids also need to include flexibility training. Kids basketball players are constantly tumbling, falling on the basketball court. This can cause major injury and could greatly slow you down if not treated quickly. Keeping your body flexible will prevent injuries and will greatly increase your performance.

Summing Up

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As mentioned above, you don’t want to force your kids into joining a basketball strength training program. Instead, let them explore and see if they like it before you actually push them to do so. You never want to get too involved with any sport or activity with your kids unless they express an interest in it. Let them play and watch their favorite sports shows as a child, then let them pursue their own interests when they’re older. The only way to have a successful athlete in your home is to let them choose what they are going to do as far as exercise and sports are concerned.

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