Leadership Skills- Leading By Example

Leadership - Leadership by Example

Leadership is the quality that must be present in an athlete so as to lead the team. The “World’s Greatest Athlete” – Bobby Orr was a man of many talents, talents that made him a leader of men. While he may have been a realist, Bobby Orr never allowed his achievements to deter him from being a leader for others. Perhaps this is one of the reasons he was such a great role model for other men.

Bobby Orr

Player’s careers are short-lived, but that doesn’t mean a player is no longer a man. It means the player is still a human being with feelings, emotions, and needs. He can and should still strive to be a better person, someone who cares for those who are more fortunate than he is.

Orr was a great man who was able to balance his business success with his efforts to care for his community. He didn’t let his business success consume him or let his business success distract him from the people around him.
To a man, his family adored Bobby Orr. His wife Elizabeth Orr and children Aaron, Jessica, Kelly, Catherine, and Andrew were all very important to him, and he never let their love and support overwhelm him.

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Leadership Skills- Leading By Example
Leadership Skills- Leading By Example

Like so many who will achieve or ascend to sports fame and fortune, Orr enjoyed an incredible amount of success in all areas of his life. That is the norm for any high achiever. However, Orr could also be humble. He knew that his accomplishments as a business owner would eventually come to an end and he also knew that there would be other opportunities for him.
This is not a man who ever acted as if he had arrived too early. He always approached success with a positive attitude, and as his work matured, so did his sense of self-worth.

Bobby Orr knew that he had a bright future. He took the time to consider all of his options, and instead of dwelling on his past failures, he focused on the positives. He never made a mistake that he regretted, which is another example of success on the field and in life.

Leadership Quality Of Bobby

Orr was a great leader because he was always looking out for the welfare of others. In his twenties, he made it his personal mission to find a cure for cancer, and he was successful. In his thirties, he found his calling as a man of goodwill, using his expertise to help others.

Bobby Orr never let his ball player’s past define him because his personality was all about celebrating his present. After a disappointing career, he accepted the fact that there was no chance he would play again. Instead, he started the search for something greater, and he found it in every aspect of his life.

While some may look at Bobby Orr’s achievements as more superficial than being of service to his fellow man, the reality is that many people will see those achievements and think they are only focused on himself. They will never be able to measure up to the true example Orr set for them. The
the true greatness of Bobby Orr is that he did what he could to lead others in living their best life.

Maybe you want to look at sports and think of Billy Herman, an Olympic baseball player, or even a successful quarterback. Many people may not think of the common man who has a desire to be a winner. If you accept that there is a time for business success, then you can accept that there is a
time for sports success.

Bottom Line

Leadership Skills- Leading By Example
Leadership Skills- Leading By Example

One of the most important things Bobby Orr accomplished was that he gave meaning to his life by the standards of his work. The ultimate mark of a great leader is the ability to create an impact in his circle of influence that will last. Bobby Orr is an example of a true leader in life, and while he is no longer in the league, we can benefit from his example.

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