Legends Basketball Program – Making The Best Out Of The Popular Program

legends basketball program

The legends basketball program is a competitive AAU basketball program held for the whole year as a tournament for both boys and girls. Different basketball teams of boys and girls get an opportunity to participate in different competitive tournaments and leagues throughout the year. Legends basket program teams consist of youth from different countries in the Kansas City metropolitan area that is Jackson, Cass, Platte, Clay, Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami, and Leavenworth Country. It is one of the best ways for basketball players to progress, execute, excel, and advance their skills because very skilled and experienced coaches teach them. The performance of players is monitored and assessed so that their skill level can be advanced and maximized performance.

Purpose Of The Legends Basketball Program

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The legends basketball program’s primary purpose is to manage and establish a basketball tournament for an entire year for students in grades three through twelve. It provides a platform to college recruiting scouts to observe and monitor athletes as they advance in their skills continually every year. It allows the player to compete at the highest level possible. Mainly, it has three goals, one is to seek, attract, and provide an atmosphere for college recruiting scouts, the second is to improve and increase exposure for youth’s college scholarship by joining AUU, and the third is to serve as a platform to network and bring different new competitive teams by hosting invitational tournaments.

Why Did It Join The AAU?

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Joining AAU was one of the best decisions made by the legends basketball program. AUU offers the highest level of basketball interaction and recognition. It is also one of the most recognizable and respected names and sanctioned sports in America. AAU sports events are considered a top gun and best of the best in serving youth athletes. It is also one of the largest multi-sport and non-profit organizations in the world. Its partnerships with Walt Disney Company, ESPN worldwide sports, local channels, and webcasting members make it even more special.

Some General Information

For adults, seasons are fall, winter, and spring, but it is fall, summer, and spring for little legends. Every player in the legends basketball program wears a very high-quality uniform, which includes reversible jerseys. If a team wants to wear its uniform, it is also allowed, but the team has to get approval before the season, and everyone on the team should wear the same uniform. For adults’ games is 1 hour, including two 20 minutes halves, and for little legends, the game is scheduled for four 8 minutes. The age limit for adults in at least 18 years, and kids should be at least in the third grade.


The legends basketball program is considered one of the best programs for young people to learn and grow. You can learn more about the basketball team and check if the best program can help you improve your strategies in your next basketball game. You can watch the game highlights online and connect with them for more details about joining the program.

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