List Of Basketball Player Deaths That You Must Know About

basketball player death

Athletes have a larger than life persona when they enter the room and you witness this virtually when you see them playing the game. Every now and then we see that life is actually something that no one has no control over. Even the best players have to succumb to their destiny without even fighting for it. We not only have to celebrate these people in life but also in death as well which is very important.

These are some memorable people that you must remember so that you can keep them alive in your heart. This is a list of the basketball player deaths who left the world too soon. The basketball player deaths left a deep hole in the game and also in the lives of the fans who loved them with everything. If you are a fan of the game, then you will know about the names mentioned in the list.

Kobe Bryant

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One of the top basketball players who left the world too soon and was mourned by all the fans of the game. The player died in a helicopter crash along with his daughter which was one of the major tragedies in the history of the game. They were travelling in a helicopter when it crashed and burned which led to the death of the legendary player. All the celebrities and players mourned the death of the star and paid tribute to him on their social media.

People expressed their shock over this tragic death and moments of silence have also been observed to mark his death. He was also honored at the Grammys and the people paid their condolences to the family of the legend. He played for the Los Angeles Lakers and he retired from the game in the year 2016. People were heartbroken over their death and they remembered him as one of the best in the game.

Micheal Ojo

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He was also one of the best players and he died during a training session in Serbia. The Nigerian player collapsed and he was taken to the hospital in the capital of the country. This sudden death has left everyone in the state of shock and people from the Red Star team are highly heartbroken. He was a great basketball player and he had started his career in 2017 after moving to Europe. Ojo was also one of the favorites among the fans of the team. People have paid tribute to him and have bade him farewell for the time that he has spent playing the game.

Zeke Upshaw

Upshaw was a native of Chicago and went to university there and he played on their basketball team for about three years. He started playing in the NBA and he had a good record in the 34 games that he has played. The Grand Rapids Drive selected him to play for them in the fourth draft of the game. During the 2017-18 season he collapsed in the court in the last minute of the game. He has some cardiac abnormalities that no one knew about and that led to his tragic heart attack. People all over the world paid tribute to him and honored him for this contribution towards the game.


This is the list of basketball player deaths that you must know about if you are a fan of the game. These are some tragic deaths that led to the loss of some of the best players in the world. All these players are remembered for their contribution to the game and for the game that they played on the field.

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