Magic Johnson Legendary Basket Ball Player

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Magic Johnson’s most significant achievements were that he was the first African American to be elected to the basketball Hall of Fame and also won a Gold Medal for basketball at the Olympic Games. Also, his award as being one of the “Seven Sisters” in African-American sport was created after he became a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Magic Johnson was born in the USA and is the first black man to have a home. Johnson was also a fantastic father figure to his son, Michael, who could not help playing the sport of basketball when he was young.

Magic Johnson Family Background 

The Johnson’s were an unconventional family that reflected his open and understanding views about relationships. He was always interested in learning how his sons behaved around him and his other family members.

Magic Johnson Legendary Basket Ball Player
Magic Johnson Legendary Basket Ball Player

Magic Johnson had one of the best hairstyles ever in his career. You can find his picture in many styles. Michael’s hairstyle was among the best seen on a basketball player. He also had one of the best sports shades that stood the test of time.

His Jersey 

Magic Johnson’s NBA jersey is among the very few that have never been worn. Many fans do not know that the number 13 was retired by the Philadelphia 76ers. There is only one other jersey in history where different players wear the jersey numbers in different seasons. This one is number 42 worn by Moses Malone.

Jerry Bender And Magic Johnson

One of the legends of the game of basketball, Jerry “Air” Bender, did not get along with Michael as much as he would have liked. His brother, Charles Bender, played very well for him during the 1990s. Charles also played at UCLA.

Jerry “Air” Bender had a prosperous basketball playing career in Chicago. His family was famous in the basketball world for the type of school they attended. 

With Magic Johnson is becoming a legend in the NBA, several more former UCLA players took on roles with the team. But Jerry “Air” Bender was the only one who went to UCLA. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2020.

Magic Johnson Legendary Basket Ball Player
Magic Johnson Legendary Basket Ball Player

One of the first people that Jerry “Air” Bender met on the Lakers’ team was Magic Johnson. The two never crossed paths but learned to appreciate each other’s talents.

Important Things You Should Know About Magic Johnson And Michael

Michael and Magic Johnson are the same age. Both were very popular in their hometown and were given scholarship offers to play college basketball. Each came to the decision that they wanted to play in the NBA and decided to attend UCLA and play college basketball.

The Johnson brothers had great memories of the time that they spent playing on the UCLA basketball team. The brothers were usually at games together. They were usually the first ones to arrive and were often the last ones to leave. They were both very passionate about their games and always looked for ways to improve their skills.

Jerry “Air” Bender always maintained that he was not going to try to imitate his brother, Jerry “Air” Bender. This may seem unfair to him because he was much better than Jerry’s “Air” Bender. In any case, he did not.


Magic Johnson is a great basketball player and a high father figure to his son, Michael. He was very involved in the life of his son, Michael. He did not hesitate to let him know what he thought, and this probably influenced Michael’s decision to go into the basketball world.

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