The Most Powerful Athlete and Its Benefits

The Most Powerful Athlete is a newly released program by Dr. Joe Weider. It is based on the findings of Dr. Weider that the physical, mental and emotional growth of athletes can be traced back to their first basketball experience. Basketball players start young, so there is an initial period during which the brain must develop and adjust to certain life lessons from the game.

A player is ready for further growth when he develops fresh perspectives on the game. Many sports psychologists believe that childhood problems or traumatic events in the lives of young athletes can cause some neurological damage that may never be totally reversed.

A good experience in sports can help players to overcome mental or emotional barriers that might hold them back. The programs at Coach Joe’s clinic to help with all phases of your professional development, from skills training to learning about legal and moral issues that can hold athletes back. Some of the topics are very controversial, such as the use of steroids and drugs to enhance your performance.


One of the questions raised is whether a sudden explosion of physical self-confidence will carry over into future academic performances. The Most Powerful Athlete program covers the areas of physical confidence, self-esteem and success confidence, self-mastery, and developing your passions and interests.

Do you have a purpose in life? It’s helpful to know why you’re playing the game, but what about after you play? You’ll discover how to develop lasting interests and passions and how to focus on achieving your dreams.

What does it take to reach the level of achievement that you want? A player should learn what he needs to do to reach his goals, including: coaching and motivation, performance confidence, and creating a culture. The Most Powerful Athlete also provides tips on how to keep the mind stimulated and excited about playing basketball.

While the “Good Body” program has everything about your body in place, Coach Joe also emphasizes your mental state. He offers two types of tools that athletes can use to grow in their mental focus and flexibility. The ability to focus, and to relax when necessary.

The Mind and Athletic Success

It’s not just a common belief that you need to get your mind right to be a great player. Although you may think that your skill set is all you need to excel, many professional players make their money by maintaining mental clarity. And the numbers speak for themselves. When they get to the NBA, NBA players of both genders make more money than ever before.

Basketball skills must be honed before they can be utilized in the real world. While there are hundreds of books written on the topic, most players do not benefit from reading any of them. If you’re looking for some basic basketball knowledge, try Dr. Joe’s The Most Powerful Athlete or Coach Joe’s Ultimate Guide to Basketball.

What You stand to Benefit

However, The Most Powerful Athlete and Coach Joe’s Ultimate Guide to Basketball are designed to help you improve and perform at your peak. Athletes who get an education in youth basketball will see that their skills are applied in competition. There are thousands of kids at any given high school who want to play the game, but often cannot afford the expensive services of a private basketball trainer.

Often, the best approach to this problem is to work with Athletic Trainers that have connections with several of the best players in the nation. The programs will offer one-on-one coaching from a team of well-trained and experienced coaches. They will help you master all aspects of your game.


So, if you’re planning to be the world champions in the near future, it is important to take your mental skills and your game to the next level. Contact a Coach Joe’s team for a free evaluation and for more information on how to become the Most Powerful Athlete.

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