Motivation From Never Give Up Quotes By Famous Athletes


It is said that athletes have strong willpower that helps them succeed. They never give up on their aims. We should try to learn this quality from these athletes. Quotes are the experiences that people share with others to let them avoid those mistakes and get inspired.

Billie Jean King quotes on Keep Playing


The famous American tennis player, Billie Jean King, has inspired a lot of women tennis players across the globe. She has always fought for the rights of women tennis players. Being a woman player, the journey from player to professional has never been easy for her. 

But she overcame all the prejudice, never gave up, and proved herself to the entire world. She is the best role model for all women and inspires them to keep going with their life goals. She has quoted that champions are those players who never give, despite the struggles they face, always get it right.

Michael Jordan Quotes on Never Quit

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Michael Jordan, the famous former American basketball player, besides experiencing many setbacks in his career and life, has made remarkable progress in his career. There were many failures during his basketball career. He even retired once from the basketball field due to his father’s death. 

But even then he had not given up on his dreams. He returned to the field with more dedication and enthusiasm. This great player has inspired the world by stating that if they quit once then that would become a habit and would hinder their success. So he has advised them to never quit.

Mary Kom quotes on Never Give Up

Mary Kom, the famous Indian Boxer, who was not unknown to any Indian is now known all over the world. She is a role model for every woman in India. She is a three-time world Champion besides being prejudiced for being a girl and a mother. Her inspiring journey from a champion daughter to a champion mother has filled in the strength to never give up on every individual. 

She is a fighter who defeated her poverty, inequality, social restriction, and every obstacle that stopped her from boxing. She inspires the youth by advising them to never give as there will always be a next time. She is a strong believer of the same.


Be it a student or be it an adult, we should always keep going on the path that we have decided for ourselves. Even if we have to walk on a thorny path to reach our goals we should not give up. Because the only obstacle that can stop us from completing our goals is none other than ourselves. 

All the athletes who are successful today, have had their share of struggles and difficulties. But the thing that kept them going is their will to never give up and determination to achieve their aim.

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