Naismith Rules Of Basketball Ideas That Gives You Winning Strategies

naismith rules of basketball

James Naismith coined the 13 rules of basketball on January 15, 1892. These rules were different from the games played today. Basketball is a team sport where 2 teams of 5 players each play on a rectangular court, the primary objective being shooting the ball through the basket of the defenders’ hoop. Naismith coined the thirteen rules of basketball but those rules didn’t specify the number of players in the teams. He is also regarded as the inventor of basketball. He defined the original rules for playing basketball and also founded basketball programs in universities. Listed below are the thirteen rules of basketball that are divided into categories for better understanding. Know more about the Naismith Rules Of Basketball Ideas.

Naismith Rules Of Basketball Ideas – Hand Rules

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The ball should be kept in between the hands and any support from the shoulders or the upper body usage to rest the ball is not allowed. Players are not allowed to run by holding the ball in their hands and in case the ball goes out the track, the player who first touches it must throw the ball inside. In case of any dispute, the referee throws the ball inside. The ball can be batted and thrown in any direction with one or both hands but the use of a fist is not allowed. A foul is declared by the referee if the player is found striking the ball with the fist.

Naismith Rules Of Basketball Ideas – Playing Rules

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Players are supposed to continuously bat the ball until a goal is made or the ball is passed to another player on the field. A goal is made when the ball is thrown in the basket or is batted to the basket, provided the goal is not disturbed by the defendants. If the ball rests on the edges and the opponents disturb the pole, resulting in the ball falling out of the basket will still be regarded as a goal made. The game is played in 2 equal halves of fifteen minutes with a five-minute rest between. The side making the most goals wins at the end. In case of a draw situation, the match shall be continued until another goal is made.

Naismith Rules Of Basketball Ideas – Penalty Rules

Any player found shouldering, pushing, holding, tripping, or striking the opponent in any way in the first instance will be counted as a foul, the second shall disqualify the player until the next goal is made, and if an evident intent was found to injure the person, the player would be disqualified for the entire game and no substitute will be allowed to the team. If either side makes 3 consecutive fouls, it shall result in a goal for the opponent.


Basketball was originally a combination of two words and these rules were the basics that laid the foundation for the game. The advanced version of the game played in today’s scenario has its base from the thirteen rules coined by Naismith to play basketball.

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