Really A Fan With This Boyband Or You Know Someone? Get This Wall Poster Now Limited Stocks Only!

Wall/Room Decor Fan Poster is sponsored by IABI Arts and Entertainment. However, you have to use them correctly to have the pleasing effect you’re after. Wall/Room Decor Fan Poster is very attractive and pasting your favorite personality poster in the room will make your room seem more beautiful.

The Wall/Room Decor Fan Poster has a collection of various Music bands, Movie Actors, Web series characters they also provide a 3D poster for your room. The quality of the print is very clean and crystal clear and the graphics and effects in the poster are very attractive. Home poster design – posters have an informative function – that’s for sure, but there is also a lot of high-quality design into them. 

Wall/Room Decor Fan Poster

The posters are made of polyester in a way of a flag or banner. The Fabric used to make the poster is SUPER-TX with a total size of 90 × 150 cm. These posters are a collection of various bands, actors, characters which a person is a fan of. They come in a form of a color print out and the fan can paste them or hang them on their wall. The Fan poster galleries look very beautiful in the home interior. In a way, poster design has finally been properly acknowledged and celebrated as art. Fan poster gives the fan a variety of poster or pictures of celebrities or singer or anything they want.

Buy Wall/Room Decor Fan Poster and give your room a makeover.


  • Flags & Banners Material: Polyester
  • Usage: Decoration
  • Style: Hanging
  • Fabric: SUPER-TEX
  • Flagpole Material: Other
  • Model Number: CF030
  • Type: Printed
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  • Wall/Room Decor Fan Poster is made of polyester so the poster cannot be damaged easily.
  • Wall Decor Fan Poster provides a variety of pictures and posters of your favorite band, Actor, or character.
  • The printing quality is very good.
  • The effects, animation, edits, and color are so attractive that when a person enters the room he will not take his eyes off.
  • The poster helps to decorate your room
  • Wall/Room Decor Fan Poster has a variety of collections of music bands, Movie Actors, Web series characters, and many more.
  • The fabric used in making the poster is SUPER-TX.
  • It is the best gift for a fan.
  • Is perfect for the collection.
  • The poster comes in the size of 90×150 cm.


  • It comes in only one size of 90×150 cm only
  • Only SUPER-TX fabric is used.
  • Comes only in printed form.
  • Can ruin the wall when detached.


The Wall/Room Decor Fan Poster is used to decorate the room or wall of the house. It is made of polyester and a perfect collection for a fan of any band, Movie, or series. The effects, animation, and color used are very attractive. The print of the poster is very beautiful and crystal clear.

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