Some Famous Dead Athletes You Should Know About

famous dead athletes

Death of anybody can always be sad and gloomy for people but death of any famous person can sometimes be very shocking. Due to Sportsmen pristine body health and huge places in the world makes them look somewhat immortal and when any such sportsman dies it creates a greater sting than the death of any other celebrity can cause. With the passage of time we have lost many famous athletes in young age due to some awful accident or any kind of serious health issues.

We have listed about some famous athletes who died in their young age which are as follows:

Pat Tillman

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There is a huge bronze statue which pays tribute to Pat Tillman situated outside the stadium where National Football League’s Arizona Cardinal Plays. He joined the US army shortly after the incident of 9/11 and left his NFL career. He was killed in an attack at the age of 27. From then onwards he was remembered as the national hero and became one of the most loved athletes in the world.

Derrick Thomas

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He was also a National Football league’s star who died early at the age of 33 years. He was a brilliant pass rusher and spent 11 years in the team. He got paralysed in a car crash and within a few days he died.

Chris Henry

Chris Henry was another big Nation Football league’s star who died at an early age of just 26 years. He had a huge fan following and his friends were shocked to learn that he died by falling out from the back of a truck which was being driven by his fiance. Medical reports suggested that Henry was suffering from CTE.

Tyler skaggs

Tyler Skaggs who is considered a Los Angeles angelic pitcher died at an early age of 27 years. He died during his team road trips. He was discovered dead in his hotel room due to an overdose of fentanyl and oxycodone mixture in alcohol.

Steve MacNair

The death of Steve MacNair is one of the most saddening deaths in the area of football and it still makes the football fans sad. When Steve was about to start his post football career he was murdered by a woman with whom he was alleged to have an affair.

Junior Seau

Seau is regarded as the best Linebacker in the National Football league till date. He died just at an age of 43 years. by comitting suicide. He shot himself in his chest and was found to suffer from CTE. His death has been one of the most saddening deaths for football fans.


Death is always saddening and heart breaking and when it comes to famous people death it can be stingy and hard to believe. Many famous athletes have left us within a few years. Hope this article helped you.

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