The Best overseas Basketball Players Salaries

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The salary of an overseas basketball player usually depends on many different factors including the level of playing ability and the particular league in which he plays in. Here’s a brief breakdown of overseas basketball players salary.

An Overview

NBA players earn the most money. Teams like the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets always offer the highest-paid players the best contracts. These players have established their reputations on the basketball court and therefore command the highest salaries. The contracts these players sign are generally four or five years long with mandatory guaranteed minimum payments. The highest-paid players are paid between twenty-five and thirty million dollars per year.

Most European professional basketball leagues feature teams from different countries and thus players from other countries get paid generously as compared to players from the same country who play for popular NBA teams. The salaries of European basketball players are based on the country of origin, their age and the performance level they possess. In addition to that, the player has the option of choosing to play for the NBA overseas, which is an option seldom offered to overseas basketball players. The highest-paid player in the league, Lebron James, is paid a reported eight million per season. Spain’s Cesc Fabien Perrin, Spain’s National Team coach, earns six million per season.

Best Features 

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Many overseas basketball leagues feature teams from non-developed countries, and the pay scale and overall benefits offered by these teams are quite appealing to many players. There are teams in China, India, Singapore and South Korea that have won the recent championship titles. The salary structure and benefits offered by these teams are highly competitive and admirable. Some basketball celebrities who played basketball during their college years are earning well now after retiring.

Basketball fans all over the world cannot get enough of the NBA. It is one of the most watched sports in the entire world. The popularity of the NBA overseas can be gauged from the fact that the salary of its highest-paid players such as Lebron James and Chris Paul are unprecedented. The next highest-paid player, Dirk Nowitzki, earned a reported six million per season when he retired. Nowitzki’s contract with the Dallas Mavericks is set to expire at the end of this season.

Professional Gains 

Overseas basketball players are paid generously by the various high-level professional basketball leagues in the world. The highest-paid overseas basketball players earn anywhere between six million and fifteen million annually. These players also receive generous contracts and signing bonus. Most NBA players have also received lucrative endorsements deals from different companies. A major reason why these contracts are so attractive is the immense popularity of the league enjoys overseas.

Basketball is played professionally in over 120 countries. There are two kinds of teams in each league; the dominant team which competes against all other teams and the other are considered below dogs. The strongest basketball players win the championship trophy, known as the NBA champions. A successful team must consist of many players with varying talents and skills. There are also other important factors that affect a team’s performance overseas, including playing conditions, coaching staff and a lot more.


In addition to the enormous earning potentials overseas, there are other attractive benefits as well. For instance, NBA players are generally paid very generously compared to other professionals. Some NBA players have gone on to become very popular around the globe. Some have even become celebrities overnight. Therefore, becoming a professional basketball player is not just an interesting pastime but also a lucrative career choice that many people are taking up nowadays.

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