The Best Spain Basketball Players

spain basketball players

Spain is one of the most renowned countries for its culture, historical buildings, architecture, food, and literature. But when it comes to sports, most people only imagine it to be an ace in the game of Football. However, contrary to common opinion, the sport of basketball has slowly been getting love in the streets of Spain for a long time. Today, this has resulted in some of the best Spain basketball players emerging as the most promising candidates for the coming Olympics in Japan. Here are some of the elite Spanish basketball players.

Sergio Llull – The Prime Name In Spain Basketball Players

Basketball Players

He is a player famous for his reckless style of playing which almost makes him the most fearless player. Sergio Llull was born in Mahón, which is on Menorca Island, and is currently playing for Real Madrid. His career began in the year 2005 with the Bàsquet Mansehra. However, he was soon signed in by the club Real Madrid in the year 2007 when he was about nineteen years old. To this day, he is an achiever of two gold medals in the Olympics and gold in the Basketball World Cup.

Juan Antonio Corbalán


He is one of the most loved Spain basketball players playing for the Real Madrid club for basketball. He has a record of winning at least one title in each and every competition he participates in. Moreover, he is an extremely talented guard having a great vision of the court. By the time he was fifteen, he already became a pro in the noble sport. He was part of the legendary team of Real Madrid that played during the ’80s and today he is a well-known Cardiologist.

Jose Manuel Calderón

Also known as “Calde”, he started his career at the age of thirteen, when he moved to Vitoria in the North. He achieved his first game in the top league of Spain when he was only eighteen. Calde is also a part of the infamous “Golden Generation” of the Spain basketball players and has been a part of the greatest successes of the National Team of Spain. He is also the fourth known Spaniard to have made a leap to the NBA in the year 2005. Calde has been one of the most influential basketball players ever, retiring with two silver and one bronze medal in the Olympics.

Sergio Rodriguez – Spain Basketball Players For Being Point guard

Better known as “Chacho”, Sergio has been amongst the best in Spanish Basketball history for being a point guard. He was born on Tenerife Island and started playing for the famous Estudiantes club of Madrid. Because of his skills for handling the ball and passing, he was already considered a legend before he started playing second in the pro team.


Spain has already had a great league of outshining players in Basketball before it all glammed up. Thanks to the great dedication that Spain has shown to all the adopted sports, some of the greatest players from its streets are expected to dominate the court in the coming Olympics.

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