The Decorated Gymnast Vs An Honest Reviews

The Decorated Gymnast is an entrepreneurial multi-level marketing business. But, with the help of their website, it doesn’t seem as though they’ve ever been in a business before. This just shows how not qualified they are to run a business.

A gymnast in action

Here’s the thing about The Decorated Gymnast… They’re a business and I am writing this article to educate you about the business and give you my insight about the business. Now, if you take a look at the website, you’ll see that they are promoting a home gym and online sports trading, but, there are no reviews of any of these things. But, there are a lot of other businesses who have reviews.

Their Modus Operandi

Because they are a multi-level marketing business, The Decorated Gymnast has their own membership website. In fact, it looks like they even took advantage of the membership site at eBay, but this is illegal.

They advertised in eBay and targeted memberships that were going to sell their gym equipment, so when they listed a membership at the gym. They did not purchase it.

They then posted ads for all of the stuff they were selling, but, this included, home gym equipment, something else to sell, and another “other” product or service that didn’t even exist. So, how much of a multi-level marketing business is this?

The Decorated Gymnast has the least amount of equipment of any business that I have been involved with. They also make a lot of sales off of testimonials and the company’s own email lists. In my opinion, this is fraud.

Are they Legit?

Any business that gets their profits from selling people’s testimonials is not legitimate. Then there is the sale of muscle-building secrets. According to the website, “A Decorated Gymnast relies on its athletes’ passion for exercise and improvement in order to provide the highest quality workout experience possible for our members.”

One thing is for sure…They are getting one hundred percent of the money made from selling their products and services. However, they are not using their own products or their own employees. Then again, it seems like they do everything they can to promote the company.

The Trick

The gymnast said that he/she was trying to build a team of “athletes”. He/she did not say that they were building a team of athletes that are going to improve themselves.

When I first started doing business, I realized that the Gymnast told me that they did not sell any gym equipment. They also claimed that the company sells the gym equipment for a price. I did a little research into the gym and found out that the gym has no equipment to sell.

They sold the equipment to a “gym technician” for a few hundred dollars. Not only does the Gym technician resell it to them, but, the gym sold the equipment to the public for nine times the cost of what they bought it from them.

Is MLM Really bad?

There is a lot of money in being able to sell equipment to the public. If you want to learn how to be successful in MLM, I suggest that you get your MLM start off right. You can join the program, however, you should be wary of what The Decorated Gymnast is really about.

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