The Famous Athletes of the United States

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When most people hear the name American Athletes, they automatically think of popular sports stars such as baseball’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) Babe Ruth and the Miami Dolphins’ retired quarterback, Dolphins Quarterback coach Joe Flacco. There is another breed of heroes in America, though, that are considered to be even more famous than these two. These athletes are not quite as well known by the general public, but they have been able to achieve great things despite their lack of public recognition. Some of these athletes are NASCAR drivers, construction workers, or members of the armed forces. Any profession that has a wide range of people who work for it can be considered an American Athletic Association, including the popular professional wrestling business in TNA.

Famous American Athletes

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The National Football League is the most famous professional sports league in America. Football has been so successful in terms of revenue that the National Football League has been able to buy out several major contracts of players such as John Elway and Terry Bradshaw. The NFL is also responsible for the growth of football’s Super Bowl champion teams. Some of the world-famous athletes that make up the NFL include Brian Bosworth, Emmitt Smith, Jack Lambert, Marion Barber, and Michael Vick.

Tennis is another sport that has enjoyed a lot of success in the world of sports. Tennis has a number of famous athletes that include: Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, Patrick Rafter, Martina Navratilova, Andy Murray, Kim Clijsters, Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, and Andy Murray. Tennis players can become famous very quickly. Andy Murray became so popular with his win over Federer at the Australian Open in Melbourne that he became a tennis commentator and media personality.

Track and field is a unique field of endeavor in the United States. A number of athletes have made a name for themselves by participating in this particular sport. Three of the most famous athletes to ever participate in track and field history are javelin throwers, long jumper, and high jumper. relay runners, sprinters, and track and field athletes can excel at more than one of these sports. Any athlete with athletic ability can become famous in track and field.

A Much Ado

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Football is another sport that attracts a number of famous athletes. Some of the most famous football athletes are Joe Montana, Jack Lambert, John Elway, Joe Montana’s sons, and so many others. There have even been legendary players who have become celebrities outside of football. Names like Joe Montana, Jack Lambert, and John Elway have made football what it is today.

Rollerblading is a fun and exciting extreme sport that has exploded onto the international stage in the last few years. Floors to drop, tricks to learn, and obstacles to overcome are what make rollerblading an exciting sport to watch. A number of well-known athletes have become celebrities because of their involvement with rollerblading. Celebrities that fall into this category include Aaron Finch, Kike Johnson, David Hasselhoff, Dan O’Brien, and Matthew McConaughey. None of these athletes will ever be as famous as Michael Jordan, but they all share one thing in common: Their names are on a lot of rollerblading shoes.

Final Thoughts

Track and field, although not a particularly glamorous sport, is still a very popular sport. A large number of very famous athletes perform track and field events. Among those that have parlayed their athletic ability into a lucrative career are track star hurdlers like hurdler Alan Oliveira and long-distance runner Linford Clark. Track and field, like football, give you plenty of opportunities for famous athletes to make a name for themselves. Those athletes include javelin thrower sprinter Usain Bolt, basketball greats such as Lebron James, and football player Kwakie Holmes.

Basketball and baseball both have their share of famous athletes. Many athletes in these sports have become famous through being associated with one of the many popular teams. Names such as Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Joe Montana all became household names thanks to their association with their favorite sports teams. Football greats such as Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw have also enjoyed huge paydays from their teams because of their sports prowess. Although football may not be as competitive as baseball or basketball, it does offer its own share of famous athletes.

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