The Importance of Building Good Teen Basketball Coaches

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In my role as a youth basketball coach, I am constantly looking for new ways to implement ideas into our youth basketball program. I have developed many good practices and some not so good practices. This article will focus on some good practices for youth basketball coaching. There are many good practices and bad practices in youth basketball coaching. Let’s start with some of the good.

Having Youth Basketball Program

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One good practice is having your youth basketball program have a feeder system where you send an older group to another training session when they are done. For example, I have had success sending my older players to drills after they have just done some basketball drills. This allows them to continue to get better and develop their game even more. This also gets them participating in drills that might help them transition into college basketball or get better players into the program.

Another good practice for a youth basketball program is to take a good look at each of your players and determine what position they are going to be at when they get to college. If you do this, it can make things a lot easier as a coach. For instance, if you think that a player is going to be a guard at the college level, send him to a high school where he could play guard. If you think that he will be a forward, then send him to a junior college or a small college.


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Another important skill in a youth basketball program that is often neglected is sportsmanship. I always emphasize sportsmanship to parents and players. This is important because you want to have a great environment where kids are able to learn and grow. When kids are able to learn and grow, they become better players and you can count on winning games. So, you want to have a good sportsmanship program.

Basketball is an incredibly fast paced sport and you need all of your players to be on the same page as far as sportsmanship is concerned. When you have a great sportsmanship program, both on and off the court you will be able to win more games and you will also encourage your team to be a cohesive unit. Many parents don’t realize that a key to building a good youth basketball program is parental involvement.

Strong Relationship

Youth basketball coaches need to have a strong relationship with their players. They need to be able to share their values with their kids and help them develop a good sense of teamwork. A strong sense of teamwork means that each individual on your team is responsible for his/her actions. Coaches need to be able to communicate with their players in a fun way and help them develop the skills that will make them successful in college and in life.


You may not be able to coach these youngsters year round, but you can provide mentoring opportunities throughout the summer. You can do this by selecting youth basketball organizations in your area that require volunteers. These volunteer coaches will spend some quality time shadowing the opposing teams, as well as observing the players and practicing your preferred team work. This summer, you can create a difference in the lives of some youths and you can show them just what teamwork is all about.

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