The Most Famous Athletes In History

famous athletes in history

For some reason, a lot of people find it hard to believe that there was a time when sports did not exist. To be fair, there were times when no one cared about the outcome of sporting events. People would go to war over nothing more than a loaf of bread and milk. However, this was quite different from today’s world where the importance of winning is everything. Therefore, here are a few famous athletes in history that will give you a good glimpse into how life used to be.

The Famous Names

Famous Athletes

Let us first take a look at one of the most famous athletes of all-time. There may be those who disagree with this listing, but if you think about it, there really wasn’t a whole lot of sports in existence until the twentieth century. Thus, until that time, there really wasn’t a person that could call themselves an athlete until they had actually won a game. Thus, some of the most famous athletes in the world include such luminaries as Wayne Newton, Pele, Joe Montana, Roger Clemens and Babe Ruth. If you have never watched a baseball game or even walked away from a game because you got hurt, you need to see this athlete’s endorsement deals with Nike.

Perhaps the most well-known athletes are football players. Most Americans are absolutely die-hard sports fans and there is nothing that can touch their love for sports like the guys and gals at ESPN. There is no doubt that there have been some pretty bad football players in history. However, there are also plenty of great ones that you would definitely enjoy following. You should also keep in mind that football is such a big part of American culture that there really aren’t any Olympic athletes that would not be able to dominate our sport.

Tiger Woods

Famous Athletes

Probably the best-known athletes in America outside of baseball and basketball are golfers. Tiger Woods is one of the most popular golfers in the world, if not the world, and he has a Nike golf shoe contract with his name on it. It was not so long ago, when no one could even think about wearing a golf shirt outside of the professional golf course. Now, golf apparel companies sell golf shirts with almost any logo or name that you could imagine.

Professional baseball and football players make a ton of money playing this wonderful sport. But, what makes this sport special is the fact that almost every major-league baseball and football team have a celebrity player that you can follow. Tiger Woods is probably the best-known athlete in this sport right now, but he certainly isn’t the only one. Other athletes that have been able to break into this field include Michael Jordan and wrestling star WWE wrestlers Rob Van Dam and Vince McMahon.

Basketball As Most Popular Sports In United States

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. You will find that nearly every single basketball game is advertised on television and you will find that there are actually millions of people that watch basketball games on television. If you take into account all of the college games, basketball is the most competitive sport in the world. So, it is only natural that there are plenty of professional athletes who have created huge amounts of money while playing this sport.

Bottom Line

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