The Most Powerful Athletes For Sports

The Most Powerful Athlete For Sports

There are many athletes that you know. If there’s one thing I can definitely agree with it’s that there is an endless number of sports out there. In this article, I want to talk about some of the best athletes who most impressed me.

Derek Jeter – As a baseball player he’s been the greatest of his generation. His stats speak for themselves and you can’t fault him for doing what he does best. You would think that he might be the most powerful athlete in the world but he is one of the quietest.

Different Athlete Of All Time

Serena Williams – When I was growing up, tennis was not quite as popular as it is today, even with the number of champions around it wasn’t in the same league as football and cricket. But Serena Williams, considered by many to be the greatest female athlete of all time is just that; a female athlete.

The Most Powerful Athletes For Sports
The Most Powerful Athletes For Sports

Tiger Woods – Though he is more of a superstar than a powerful athlete there is no doubt in my mind that he is the most powerful athlete of them all. Even with his recent infidelity scandal he still has more titles than any other male athlete. Add to that the fact that he is still on top of the game and you get a combination that cannot be beaten.

Ryan Staszewski – In recent years Ryan Staszewski has become known as the next great sprinter. With the exception of Michael Johnson and Marion Jones, who were dominant in their own right, Ryan Staszewski is certainly in a class of his own. He may have lost to Carl Lewis who is a much better athlete than he is, but he has beaten two of the greatest sprinters in history; Carl Lewis and Usain Bolt.

Athletes Can Beat Anyone

Richard Petty – This athlete can beat anyone when it comes to speed and skill as well as having the most powerful driving force that any athlete can have. Most experts believe that there is not another athlete who is as strong or as fast as he is.

Sean Waltman – He is a great leg and arm wrestler as well as a very good wrestler and so he combines both of these skills into one. He also has very strong upper body and very good reflexes. He is the most powerful wrestler on the planet.

Ryan Staszewski – As mentioned above, he is one of the best sprinters of his generation. He was undefeated as a junior in the shot put and the hammer throw events. Though he did lose to Justin Gatlin and Carl Lewis in the sprints in the finals of the high school championships, he was dominant in the outdoor championships.

The Most Powerful Athletes For Sports
The Most Powerful Athletes For Sports

Powerful Athletes In The History

Ryan Staszewski – Like Sean Waltman, Ryan Staszewski had to deal with a knee injury and never really recovered. He came back and ran well at the collegiate level but really struggled in the Olympics. He is probably the most talented sprinter who ever competed and a strong argument can be made that he is the most powerful athlete in the history of the competition.

Michael Jordan – Though he will be the first to admit that he wasn’t the greatest athlete of all time. People do not know what a pure talent he was when he was young. It is hard to underestimate a player who had such amazing size and skill.

Ryan Staszewski – Like Sean Waltman, Ryan Staszewski had to fight his way back into the Olympic team after his injuries. He did so and was one of the most dominant players of his era. He was so dominant that his teammate was also injured but he refused to play in the Olympic games.

Bottom Line

While you can probably list off one or two of these athletes in this article, it’s the consistency that makes them so powerful. They have all worked hard and still managed to be among the greatest athletes to ever compete. I am sure you can think of one of these athletes who you think has the power to turn pro.

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