Top High School Basketball Players 2020

top high school basketball players 2020

High school basketball is surely fun and here is the list of topmost high school basketball players from last year. These players are analyzed based on their performance in the field as well as their current skill set. This list also points out the strengths along with weaknesses or the areas where these players need to improve. So, do check out the following high school basketball players.

Cade Cunningham

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Some of the major abilities of Cade include great leadership skills, good defensive rebounding, sharp dexterity, shooting, and throwing techniques. He needs to make progress in ball-handling abilities along with on-the-ball defense. His shooting volume also lacks behind.  He should try playing without the ball to broaden his style of gameplay. There are many other aspects he can work on. 

Evan Mobley

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Evan is good at both offensive as well as defensive rebounds. He has a sense of competitiveness while playing. His shot-blocking ability is also very favorable. However, like every player, he can improve in other areas too. 

Jalen Green

A student of Prolific Preparatory School, Jalen Green is an athletic player who has a wide range of skill sets. From scoring on all three levels to slashing abilities, there are multiple positives of this player such as a high percentage of scoring in the game and adequate size for positioning. Not just that, but he can also improve and focus on other skills too. 

Scottie Barnes

Florida’s Scottie Barnes plays in a diverse position on the floor. One of his strong points is his ability to score on all three levels of the game. He has a good defensive rebound as well as slashing technique. His overall game is spectacular but he needs to improve his mid-range shooting style. He lacks three-point shooting and requires to build more upper body strength. Improvement in all these weaknesses can turn him into an even better player. 

Jalen Johnson

A student of Nicolet High School, Jalen Johnson has an outstanding skillset. His dribbling, as well as passing abilities, are above average. He has a great ball-handling technique that enhances his gameplay. Moreover, he is quite athletic while playing. Jalen’s slashing ability is amazing too. On the other hand, he does need to work on building his upper body strength along with three-point shooting. It will be better to improve a little bit of speed as well. 

Brandon Boston

Brandon Boston is a basketball player with extraordinary shooting, dribbling, and rebounding skills. His strengths include the ability to smoothly play defensive rebounds, good slashing techniques, and ball handling. He can also work on some other areas to improve his game. 


The above-mentioned list comprises the topmost high school basketball players in the year 2020. It also describes the strength points of players along with the areas one needs to improve. These are namely Cade Cunningham, Evan Mobley, Jalen Green, Scottie Barnes, Jalen Johnson, and Brandon Boston.

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