Virginia Basketball Schedule – Why Don’t They Use Words Other Than a Player

virginia basketball schedule

The 2021−21 Virginia Cavaliers women’s basketball program was a huge part of the NCAA resurgence. The team became known as the ” Cavaliers” after the fans wore jerseys with the university’s logo on them. The team’s rise to prominence and the new, energetic style was a welcome change for many fans who had given up on the sport. Now the team will take on bigger and better challenges in the future.

A good way to start learning about the Virginia Men’s Basketball Program is to simply listen to the player’s talk. We can learn a lot by just listening. During an interview with host WFBT radio, assistant coach Chris Beard discussed recruiting, coaching, and the physical conditioning of the team. He mentioned that the Virginia basketball players are constantly pushing themselves to improve their skills. Beard explained that players have different goals and often use “self-confidence” as a motivation for their actions. In other words, they don’t always know exactly what they can accomplish until they try.

Virginia Basketball Schedule

“We’re always looking at how we’re doing each day, and that’s what it is for us,” said Beard. “We have two or three drills that we run in the morning that will help increase our stamina, attention to detail, and our ability to focus. These are very important.” During a recent practice session, Coach Beard had the players work on a drill in which they were required to identify the number of times they called out the correct answer, when asked a question, or when filling in the blanks. A player could fill in the blanks five times, but he only needed to call out the correct answer once. Although this sounds easy, the players’ attention span was only a few seconds.

“You may be thinking to yourself that you can memorize that answer and call it out five times, but really, that’s not going to help you,” Beard said. He has the team study their blanks before games and then use short conversations during practices to hone their skills. “I want them to say the right thing without being anxious or nervous. That’s where we start with the drills.”

Virginia Men’s Basketball Team

Another drill that the Virginia men’s basketball team works on each day is building confidence by repeating a sentence (usually the first one aloud) over to themselves. Be sure to use words people commonly use today, such as “we,” “us,” mef,” and “our.” The coach will help make sure the phrase is short, and to the point so the players don’t lose their attention. Repeating the sentence seven times or a similar number will increase confidence.

When the Virginia basketball news program came out, I was watching a game on television, and the announcer was saying there were no scholarships available. Right then, I remembered my neighbor’s daughter, who was at the park with her friends playing softball. They asked her if she could go practice with the boys from the other team that day. She said no, but when she got back, she told them about her friend who said she had a scholarship. Two hours later, the team visited her in her house.

If the basketball schedule was so important, why didn’t they use words other than “players”? You see, if the coaches and players don’t use words other than “player,” the students and other onlookers may get the wrong idea and think the team isn’t improving. That’s why they came up with a new slogan, “We Are Next” or “We’re Back!”

Bottom Line

Two hours ago, the Washington Huskies were supposed to be a top team in the Pac-12. Today, they’re sitting at the bottom of the conference with one game remaining. They lost by 18 in their second game, but they’ll go into their bye week still alive. Maybe they’ll surprise everyone again this season with a great finish to the year. If not, perhaps the Washington Huskies should use words other than “student,” “teams,” and “Results College.”

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