What Can The Total Gymotobic Basketball Program Do For You And Your Kids

tot basketball program

A Total Gymotobic Basketball Program (TOT Basketball) is an educational program which is designed specifically for little kids. It is a great way to improve gross and fine motor abilities, instill self-discipline, build confidence and increase self-esteem. The Total Gymotobic Basketball Program was created by Tom Holder and is available in the market as a DVD or in a kit. The kit contains all the items needed to execute the program successfully.

Recreational Centers And Play Gyms For Students

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In America alone there are almost four hundred schools which use recreational centers and play gyms for their students. Many of these recreational centers and gyms are owned by individual parents and the schools pay a fee to use them. These centers and gyms are open to the public and can be found in public places such as parks, schools, and dog parks etc. The most common place where you will find a tot basketball program is at the dog park. The tot has to be in a group and compete against other dogs so that it improves its coordination. This also builds the tot’s confidence as well as helps to develop teamwork among the team members.

Developed By A Renowned Physical Therapist

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The tot basketball program was developed by a renowned physical therapist, who specialized in pediatric sports medicine. After years of research, the therapist identified some weaknesses in the American youth basketball system and developed a training system, which has now been used around the world. The tot basketball program incorporates physical exercises and different types of games, which help the child develop their different skills and traits. The team games help to build the players’ confidence and teamwork. The players learn how to work collectively for a common goal.

The Total Gymotobic Basketball program was a hit because it incorporated many effective elements into it. First, there is the physical exercise component that concentrates on the core muscles. The exercises are designed in a way so that the players do not become bored. Secondly, there is also the mental exercise which helps to boost the players’ motivation levels.

Go Through A Rigorous Stretching Session

The physical activity does not stop when the play concludes. After every game, the player has to go through a rigorous stretching session. It is during this time that the muscles get loosened up and the muscles become flexible. There is also an additional benefit to kids playing basketball: they do not have to worry about sitting down for long hours just to sit down and play.

Final Words

All these skills can only be learnt from parents who are also passionate about the sport. Parents are usually the ones who pass the torch in teaching their kids how to play basketball. The Total Gymotobic Basketball program takes this to the next level. It teaches the kids how to play basketball not only by showing them the videos but also giving them real life examples of great basketball players. These examples help the child keep track of the steps that they need to take as they improve in the sport.

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