What Do the Best NBA Basketball Players Have in Common

nba basketball players

With the number of professional NBA basketball players doing their thing in the National Basketball League, several youngsters are aspiring to be like them one day. But it looks like the likelihood of these kids and current basketball players become an impossibility because not all of them manage to stay in the NBA despite their countless talents. Not all of the finest professional basketball players are indeed paid accordingly, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t do something about it.

An Overview

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One of the most common traits of numerous famous basketball players is their overwhelming bodies which can best be described as being extremely powerful. Not only are big men in the NBA classified as being huge, but even some of the smallest players in the NBA are giants compared with their actual body size. This kind of physique makes many basketball players have the potential to become highly effective in their chosen sports.

The reason why very few basketball players become pro basketball players is that not all of them possess the necessary skills and attributes that will allow them to excel in their chosen sports. In addition to having an enormous body size and strength, most professional basketball players also possess superb athletic abilities. They are usually favored by coaches because they can execute their offensive moves well and also defend the court effectively. Most basketball experts say that this kind of skill is the reason why youngsters frequently join various youth basketball teams.

NBA Players Connections

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Many of the top NBA players are usually associated with a specific sports college or university. They may also have connections with several other international basketball teams. Most youngsters aspire to become like these superstars so that they may be able to earn a living by participating in basketball matches. As a result, almost all of them prefer to sign with a basketball team that they admire and also join a training camp which has been run by a certain coach.

It is a great thing that several kids nowadays want to be one of the famous NBA stars. But it is equally a challenging task for them to achieve their dreams if they do not possess the right kind of skills and qualities that will enable them to perform exceptionally on the basketball court. All basketball experts say that there are only a handful of players who can make it big not only in the NBA but also in the world of professional basketball. The good thing is that an average player can make it big just as long as he possesses the right kind of attributes.

Mental Toughness

The first thing that an aspiring player should possess is a strong aptitude and mental capacity. He should be very focused and energetic, especially when it comes to winning games. Most NBA players have been classified into two groups namely first-year players and second-year players. The first-year players are those who play during their first two years in the NBA. On the other hand, second-year players are those who play after their first two years in the league.

The second thing that a player needs to have is an above-average height which is necessary to play at the NBA level. Although height is not the most important characteristic when it comes to playing professional basketball, it is undeniable that most of the successful NBA players have been tall. Just ask Michael Jordan, who was a small player but has become the greatest athlete in the history of professional basketball.


Another thing that you need to have if you want to be a top NBA player is an average height. Most of the successful NBA players are at least 6′ tall especially those who are currently playing in the league for the first time. Most of the first-year players are all average height, although some exceptions include Allen Iverson, Baron Davis, and Vince Carter. The best players are usually the ones who possess an average height between around six feet ten inches and who have an above-average mental capacity.

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