Wheelchair Basketball Rules – A Look At The Old And The New

A group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

Wheelchair basketball is a sport that can be played by people with limited mobility. It is played on a hardwood court with two goals – to shoot hoops and to dribble the ball. It is widely accepted by people with physical limitations and it has been played competitively even though not regulated by any authority. The rules and wheelchair basketball rules allow pivoting. The method to pivot involves turning both the wheels simultaneously in opposite directions.

General Game Rule Violation 

However, there is no general game rule violation to the wheelchair basketball rules so that the pivoting technique gets practiced continuously and not in some specific direction. The people who play the game with disabilities also get a physical advantage over those who do not use the wheelchair. This is because without the physical advantage, the wheelchair player cannot make an attempt at the basket. With the physical advantage, they can attempt three-point shots, place the ball in the basket and attempt free throws also. The use of the legs and arms gives them a distinct advantage over others.

In some instances, the wheelchair basketball rules permit the players to dribble the ball with their legs and arms. In such cases, the coach can ask the player to put his hands on the handle of the stick when he starts the move for the ball. When a shot is made, the player may try to touch the rim of the net. If he does touch the rim, he has to stop and roll off the floor.

Variations To Wheelchair Basketball Rules

A group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

There are many variations to wheelchair basketball rules. For example, in the regular version, the players are allowed to stand on the front line of the court. The wheelchair player has to keep standing until the other team makes their shot. If he fails to stand and continue to make shots, he has to leave the game.

There are some wheelchair basketball rules which allow the players to play in the low post. In this situation, the players have to lean against the wall at the foul line. The elbows have to be locked for each rotation. They cannot cross the mid-line either. The players with a class III or IV need to lean forward, so that they can see the other team’s free throw line clearly. This is to ensure equal opportunity between teams.

Play With A Group Of Other Similar People

Most wheelchair basketball rules allow the players with a class III or IV to play with a group of other similar people. This is because the muscle tone of those people is similar. The rules allow the player to shoot the ball once he has reached half way up the wall. He has to push off the wall when shooting. Those players who do not have complete strength in their legs should not try to shoot the ball alone.


Some of the difficulties which the players face while using the wheelchair basketball rules include the fact that they need to keep at least one foot in contact with the ground. Most of the time, the team players do not have the advantage of being able to keep at least one foot in contact with the floor. The two legs on the opposite ends cannot touch either side of the net. Sometimes the opposing team tries to dribble the ball into the middle, but the players cannot use their legs to try and stop the ball in midair. The wheelchair players are also required to move side to side during play, which makes it difficult to stop the ball.

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