Why You Should Join A Women Basketball Team

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According to the NCAA’s Division I Women’s Basketball Championship Qualifying standards, basketball scholarship opportunities for women are now a reality. Simply put, women’s basketball players don’t have the luxury of skipping college to earn a degree. (Yes, that would be male privilege too.) To secure their long-term future earning potential, female basketball athletes must graduate in droves. And just like men, women who make it to the top of the sport’s levels are paid handsomely for it.

Wages Women Basketball Players Is Increasing

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Because of these larger television and multimedia contracts that the NCAA can negotiate with college universities, there is an increased need for women’s basketball players. Thus, the wages that female college graduates receive have grown steadily over the years. In fact, in many cases, they are more highly compensated than male college graduates. The reason for this is quite simple: sports competition is inherently gender-based. This means that women have a much larger and diverse pool of sports to choose from, thus making them statistically better equipped to compete at the Division I level.

There are several specific sports trends that I believe make women’s basketball players stand out. First, women seem to weigh less than men. Therefore, the mentality must be geared toward building muscle mass rather than just pure strength. Therefore, including lifting weights in a woman’s training routine is essential if she wants to increase her size and strength.

Women Basketball Players Are Better Than Men In All Aspects

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Second, women play an even more difficult sport than their male counterparts. Therefore, the psychological aspect of a sport is much greater for women than it is for men. Also, the competition level is much higher in soccer compared to basketball. However, numerous programs are designed specifically for female athletes such as the Female Athlete Development Program (FADP), the WNBA, and the Title IV Female Athlete Program. These programs focus on increasing the competitive spirit of female athletes, providing educational support, developing leadership skills, and providing resources. In addition, professional women’s basketball players have begun to join teams such as the United States National Team and the WNBA to participate in exhibition games and training camps.

The Basketball Sport Is Growing Exponentially In The Last Few Years

Finally, basketball has gained tremendously in popularity over the past twenty years, which is only natural considering the long history of the sport and the wide array of professionals who have come before her. The NBA has set many records, including the most number of players, the most regular-season games, and the most number of team titles (which now seems like a regular event). Furthermore, the number of individual titles earned by a single player also serves as a testament to the dedication and success that a woman basketball team can enjoy. The record number of individual titles earned by women on a basketball team makes this the only professional sport that has ever boasted the achievement of more individual titles than any other.

Final Thoughts

So why should you join a women’s basketball team? For one, you will meet new friends and experience something unique and fun. You will make a difference in the world while having an opportunity to excel at a challenging sport. Moreover, winning is always a great motivator!

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