YMCA Basketball Program Beginners Guide

Ymca Basketball Program

YMCA is a non-governmental global youth organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is sometimes regionally called the Y. Today; the YMCA is famous for its health and fitness programs. The YMCA Basketball program is one of its popular programs. YMCA has an exciting history of inventing Basketball. In 1891 Dr. Luther Gulick assigned a class of boys to James Naismithworking for the YMCA International Training School in Massachusetts, USA. Boys used to find regular sports and exercise boring, so James Naismith tried to engage the students who gave birth to Basketball. Boys played the first match on December 21, 1891; they used two old peach baskets as goals and a soccer ball.

Later, YMCA introduced the YMCA BAsketball program. You can use both volunteers as a coach or play a league through the YMCA basketball program. Continue to the post to read other details of the YMCA basketball program.

YMCA Basketball Programme For Online Coach

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YMCA has formulated one of the fantastic training to help you volunteer as a YMCA coach. Training is not compulsory but is recommended if you are new to coaching in YMCA basketball. The coaching session is online. You can watch at your own pace, and it takes about 45 minutes to complete. YMCA Basketball programs training will help you to learn tools, techniques, and skills to coach basketball to children from ages three on up.

One of the reasons that the YMCA utilizes volunteer coaches is to concentrate on participation and joy. While you will get a chance to develop essential skills through practices and games, every kid learns sportsmanship and ethics crucial to be successful in life. Every game in the YMCA basketball program begins with a Youth Sports Pledge and ends with a handshake.

YMCA Basketball Programme For Students

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The YMCA Youth Basketball Program helps children not only become better players but better individuals as well. The program is gradual and has multiple age-specific levels. Every child who enrolls gets a chance to play, and the games are safe, exciting, and fun. YMCA encourages fair play, positive competition, and family involvement.

Different Levels Of YMCA Basketball Programme

Youth Basketball League for Grades K-8- For kids of grade K-8, there is a provision of One practice during the week and games on Saturdays. There are all Six games per session. Trained volunteer coaches and officials handle training and games. The primary focus is on sportsmanship, fundamentals of Basketball, and developing new skills. Each player gets Equal playtime. There are also New, upgraded NBA jerseys and end of season awards to motivate students.In-house tournaments for grades three and up are organized.

Youth Basketball Preschool- It is for kids age 2-5. It is mainly for Instructional skills clinic/game for boys and girls (coed) to learn the fundamentals of Basketball.

Leagues in YMCA BAsketball Programs- It offers both Boys & Girls Leagues. There are ten players on each Team.The total fee for the Team is $250. The YMCA basketball program assigns each student to a head coach, and he is responsible for finding a sponsor. A Liverpool facility is available at YMCA Basketball training for those who don’t have a team at their school area, or present teams are full.

Upcoming YMCA Basketball Programme

The details for the upcoming Basketball Programme bare as follows:

Winter 2021 Youth Sports Season

Early Bird Registration: through December 14 (fees increase $15 on December 15)

Regular Registration: December 15 – January 4

Practices Begin for Clinics: Week of January 18

Season: January 30 – March 13, 2021


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